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Comment Node.js (Score 4, Interesting) 400

We had to swallow a dagger and use JavaScript on the client as it is the only game in town. Please someone, enlighten me, why would I use this horrific language on the server side? What exactly am I missing? What is so great about Node.js that warrants having to deal with JS.

Comment FUD. Must be a slow news day (Score 2, Interesting) 137

From TFA,

Although Doctor Web doesnâ(TM)t say so, the good news here is that Pincer2 is not likely to be very prevalent. It has not been found on Google Play, where most Android users should be getting their apps, and appears to be meant for precise attacks, as opposed to being aimed at as many users as possible.

In short, this malware threat isnâ(TM)t one that you will likely be hit with, but it is an interesting example of how Android malware is evolving.

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