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Comment Re:Why the hyperbole? (Score 0) 174

You appear to be insane. Kinect isn't dead, there's just a serious problem with your ability to reach rational conclusions. You then had to be a nut who tells a reality based person to get over themselves because they didn't fit your delusional alternate reality. Sad.

You appear to be the one who's having problems with rationality and controlling your emotions. As others have also pointed out, once MS unbundled the Kinect, it was effectively dead, Take a few deep breaths and perhaps take a Xanax or 2 if that's your thing ...

Methinks this AC and Mr. "reality based" Assmasher are one and the same since they seem to have the same delusional personality and lack of a sense of humor :-)

Comment Re:Why the hyperbole? (Score 0) 174

Wow, if it isn't bundled I guess it must be dead. Like the Kinect for the 360, like the PS4 Camera, et cetera

You keep on with that positive thinking and just let me know how things look for the Kinect say a year from now ...

You sound like you live in your own universe...

Don't we all ?

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