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Comment: Re:Wrong headline ... (Score 1) 642

by thales (#13676548) Attached to: NASA Admin Says Shuttle and ISS are Mistakes
Von Braun's 1950s design was only 250 feet wide, smaller than the ISS. It was also inflatable rather than constructed in segments. The Von Braun station was made of reinforced nylon that would be launched and then inflated like a large ballon. NASA actually launched some inflatable satelittes in the early days of space exploration. The Echo satellites were nothing more than huge Mylar coated ballons that were used as passive communication sattelites.
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Journal: Political Moderation 7

Journal by thales

One thing I've seen over and over on /. is political moderation from the Left. Replys to some bonehead leftist rant wind up being modded down. Offtopic when the parent is "insightful", and replys to the "offtopic" post are somehow also "insightful".

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