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Comment Re:Could this be combined with Pig Bladder Powder? (Score 1) 30

Highly doubtful. Extra-cellular matrix derived from pig's bladder (referred to by researchers as "pixie dust") is essentially collagen, and retards the scarring process that ends skin and sub-dermal tissue regeneration. This is not the same, though, as encouraging neurons to regenerate or even just to rewire.

Comment Re:There's more to it than developing the drugs. (Score 1) 165

I believe sjames just took off your Fox "News" color sunglasses. Blink a few times -- the sudden glare of truth can be blinding at first...

Yes, drug development happens in the U.S., but inexpensive treatment happens everywhere BUT the U.S, largely because of the obscene profit margins on medicine, medical procedures, etc.

Comment Re: -dafuq, Slashdot? (Score 1) 249

Albedo? Do you even know what that word means? You do realize the ice is melting, exposing more dark ocean and earth and accelerating the retention of heat?

And Venus is your example of a self correcting mechanism? A planet with an surface temperature of nearly 900ÂF thanks to its CO2 atmosphere?

Please tell me you're actually mocking idiots that make those kinds of statements and l just missed the joke. ....

Comment Re: -dafuq, Slashdot? (Score 1) 249

Congratulations. That is the stupidest thing I've read on the internet today.

The cost of cancer treatment is high; the cost of doing nothing is small. That's the logic you're using. If we attack the problem now, aggressively, we might preserve many of the species that will be adversely affected by rapid shifts in environmental pressures -- ourselves included.

Or are you of the persuasion that believes a magic man in the sky is going to swoop down and save us all?

Comment Intelligence is definitely a burden (Score 1) 385

Trust me it is. Have you tried arguing politics with a teabagger lately? They don't know history, the Constitution and its the Amendments, basic U.S. governmental function, basic economics, global politics, science, etc. They rant about their hatreds and fears but are unable to formulate a logical argument based on facts, instead blending in their religious beliefs and right wing sound bites as foundational arguments. It's all magical thinking and ignorance, and it makes being the intelligent one in the room a burden.

Comment Amen (Score 1) 564

I just got done cleaning up a client's system because they downloaded what they thought were MP3s from a site call MP3Boo or something like that, but one of the files wasn't an MP3. It injected his system will all kinds of malware, and it took a while to get all the crap scraped out of his file system.

I'm certainly not saying it's a panacea, but had he been able to see that the "song" was actually an executable, he *might* not have proceeded.

Comment Re:Get Out of Your Bubble (Score 0) 275

If by "as it happens" you mean, "that fits, with the proper amount of spin and misreporting, the Fox 'News' propaganda outlet's worldview", then yes, I agree.

Personally I'm relieved that Fox "News" got slapped back a bit. It's not news -- it's entertainment for simple-minded, easily provoked bigots.

Comment Re:Shocking... (Score 1) 706

Ok, first... extremely liberal... hahah ha lol good one.

Nailed it.

Second, if corporations have shown themselves incapable of doing their job then what is are his options?

Corporations have one job, to make money, and that's what the ISPs are attempting to do by extorting money from targeted consumers of their monopoly-protected services. Having said that, yes, the President should act within the purview of his powers.

Comment Re:President Obama Backs Regulation (Score 1) 706

Your point is that generalizations can be made. "The GOP opposes regulation of *" would be another equally useless generalization. And yet another would be, "It doesn't matter what it is, the GOP wants it under corporation control."

Don't be a complete troll all your life, m-kay?

Comment Re:They ARE a utility. (Score 3, Interesting) 706

South Korea
Hong Kong
The Netherlands
The Czech Republic

The top 10 nations for internet speed. Notice anyone missing from that list? Treating internet service as a utility and not allowing toll booth throttling apparently results in top notch service.

You're welcome.

Comment Re:You missed the strategy ... (Score 3, Insightful) 706

The number one concern for the American vote is NOT the economy. The economy is doing great. People's paychecks are what suck. The lack of decent paying jobs is what sucks. The wage gap is what sucks. But the economy? It's doing great, thanks.

If the GOP was concerned about the American voter, they'd up the minimum wage to $11/hr. Instead, they rely on the gerrymandering, voter suppression laws, and hundreds of millions in Koch contributions and dark money to fund propaganda that will convince people to vote against their interests.

But people turn out for presidential elections, and I'm trusting that the GOP will be unable to fight the tidal wave of voter resentment.

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