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Comment: Reverse botnet, then (Score 2, Interesting) 391

by tfheen (#29641767) Attached to: Sloppy Linux Admins Enable Slow Brute-Force Attacks

Sounds like we should set up a reverse botnet with a rating system, then.

Talk to some other companies you know, create a system that takes a list of failed logs, anonymizes it somewhat and publish it. They do the same, you all have a system that pulls down the list from the others and puts that into a list of "hosts we probably don't want to talk to, because they have tried as".

If the lists are properly anonymized and we have a rating system so getting bad data into the system is harder, I think we'll have more or less countered them for now.

I'm sure the next reply will tell us all about somebody who already has this designed and set up.

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