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Media (Apple)

+ - 1.8m Macs sold this Quarter

Submitted by
tf23 writes "Apple Insider's running a piece detailing Apple's forthcoming first quarter 2007 fiscal report. Goldman Sachs analyst David Bailey says Apple will shortly announce it sold 1.8 million Macs, 1.1 million of them being laptops.

"Across the Mac line, Apple seems to have had a exceptional Thanksgiving weekend," he wrote. "[Fourth quarter] demand for MacBook and MacBook Pro are running better than Apple's already aggressive targets."

Though his forecast calls for profit margins to drive earnings of $0.79 per share on sales of $6.38 billion, I skeptically wonder whether Apple's stock will take their "normal drop" even after they announce they've beaten expectations after their big forthcoming event."
United States

+ - A Classical Christian education in a public school

Submitted by
tf23 writes "Schools and religion, religion and schools. The two shall not mix? In an Ohio Highschool, they're trying a different approach to provide Religion-slanted classes to public school students. You pay out of your own pocket for a reglious-slanted course. If you pass, you receive credit just as you would have for a normal class. The classes are paid for without the use of Government funding/taxes. So everyone's OK with this approach, right? Think again."

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