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+ - How do I block Google Partners?

Submitted by tezbobobo
tezbobobo writes: Anyone who advertises with Google know the pain of constant calls from Google Partners. Because I only get them when I'm running my Google Ads I know they're clicking on the ads to get my details. That costs me money. But besides that cost, their constant calls to my 1800 number are costing me real money every day. It is bad enough that few respect 'Do Not Track' — but I can't even stop the company I'm paying (Google) from passing along my info. I do I disconnect myself from Google's vultures?

Comment: Re:Ansel Adams (Score 2) 240

You're a liar. Lets say they took a 40MP camera (say the Pentax 645D). That camera has a max resolution of 7264 x 5440px. Now we'll imagine that photo being blown up to the size of a SMALL wall, 2m in height, making it XX meters across. That would set the dpi at about 80dpi. Too low.

No digital camera could get close to that size, and the only ones that would be in the running are the Phase One, Leica or Hasselblad. I've used two of those cameras, but none would be accessible to scientists in Antarctica. Maybe Nat Geo.

To print an entire (large) wall you need at least size 120 FILM, but probably 4x5 FILM.

So don't give me lies and 'digital is superior' bullshit. You're welcome to have that argument, but get an education first.

And Ansel has not been 'well and truly outdone' by anyone. His style of photography isn't popular anymore, but show me a single artist who can shoot his style with a portfolio the size of his, and I'll then give you the credit you think you deserve.

Comment: Re:Ansel Adams (Score 1) 240

My time to shine! Pro 'tog here. Firstly, ignore the prat who thinks Ansel Adams is outdated - he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. That said... When was the last time you saw a retrospective of Adams? Modernism has kind of left Adams behind. Minor White and Alfred Steiglitz are enduringly popular, Bill Brandt still does the tours. Film is still used a lot - I use it weekly (though not daily). It is not the professional 'togs tool of choice, but it is the professional artist's. It's funny though - my local shop has started processing film again, but only colour. I still have to process all my BW myself.

Comment: Re:Good on them. (Score 4, Interesting) 120

by tezbobobo (#42325569) Attached to: Australian ISP iiNet Walks Out of Piracy Warning System Talks
They've been my ISP for almost a decade now and I will continue to support them for exactly the same reason. I think it is amazing that you get companies that spout the "do no evil" crap, and here is iiNet just going about its business doing right by their clients. Good on ya iiNet. Disclaimer: I don't work for iiNet, but I did apply for a job there once. Disclaimer 2: They phoned me but did not give me an interview. We're till on good terms though.

+ - Ask Slashdot: How can the tech savy individual secure his/her home? 3

Submitted by
tezbobobo writes: "After having my car broken into for the third time this year, and with the police not even attending, what steps can I take? With an infinite budget this would be easy, but noone has that. I've already installed security lights, but what else can the tech savvy individual do?"

+ - Disney Adds A Bit Of Nonsensical Anti-Open Source FUD To Kid's Sitcom->

Submitted by
SirTicksAlot writes: "Walt Disney Corporation added a bit of nonsensical anti-open source FUD to a kid’s sitcom that it aired this past weekend. But the dialogue is so ridiculous that you have to wonder if they have any clue about what they are doing.

In an episode aired Friday on the Disney Channel, (YouTube Vid Here) the show Shake It Up features two teenagers who are begging the stereotypical geeky kid for help with a computer that has apparently gone down."

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+ - The Mathematics of 'Legitimate Rape' and Pregnancy

Submitted by
Hugh Pickens writes
Hugh Pickens writes writes: "James Hamblin, MD writes in the Atlantic that it's unclear how common the misconception that women rarely become pregnant after rape may be, but remarks by Missouri Senatorial nominee Todd Akin that "if it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try and shut that whole thing down" may provide some benefit as a learning opportunity. "From a holistic perspective, one might hypothesize that a woman's body could respond to the extreme stress and trauma of enduring rape in such a way that she would be physiologically more likely to miscarry (or not to conceive at all)," writes Hamblin. After all there is a multi-million dollar alternative reproductive health market aimed at optimizing an environment for conception so there could be something to a theory that the other, much darker end of that spectrum functions analogously. But that hypothesis doesn't hold, to any relevant degree. A widely-cited 1996 study from the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology sampled over 4,000 women and found that the rape-related pregnancy rate was 5.0 percent and studies from other countries have reported the percentage to be even greater. "As pervasive as abortion conversation is, it's important that we're all on the same page about reproductive physiology. How common is this belief that rape rarely leads to pregnancy? If people are earnestly advancing a cause that mistakenly overlooks 32,000 annual rape-related pregnancies, Akin's remarks calling this to light may have an upside.""

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