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Comment Re:Article paid by Apple to boo over it. (Score 1) 456

I really hope this is the case. I have a WinPhone and it is brilliant. Everyone I've converted to WinPhones prefer them. I've owned all three and Android are simply the worst. In terms of usability and interface iOS is solid, but their hardware lock in sucks. While I really loved my iPhone, WinPhones offer more (except apps). It could be solved by maybe offering some stellar software.

Comment I'm a designer so... (Score 1) 889

sPhotoshop, Illustrator, Indesign (Scribus is not a replacement for people doing it on a daily basis) Acrobat Distiller, Premiere, and AfterEffects. Also, Photoshop Lisghtroom and DxO. There are also a myriad of smaller apps like image resizers. Also, I'm at uni, so Endnote would be nice. Having a look at my startmenu more than 50% of the apps are not supported on linux. My whole ecosystem would need to move over to allow me to change. Note: I have been running linux on one laptop or another since the 90s.

Submission + - How do you assess search engine results?

tezbobobo writes: I operate in a Microsoft ecosystem which is constantly trying to push me towards Bing as my default search provider. It leads me to wonder, how do you actually test the results of different search engines in a qualitative way? Can we take opinion out and come to some empirical answer? And from there, is it time to have a new discussion about the relative merits of the varying search providers?

Submission + - How do I block Google Partners?

tezbobobo writes: Anyone who advertises with Google know the pain of constant calls from Google Partners. Because I only get them when I'm running my Google Ads I know they're clicking on the ads to get my details. That costs me money. But besides that cost, their constant calls to my 1800 number are costing me real money every day. It is bad enough that few respect 'Do Not Track' — but I can't even stop the company I'm paying (Google) from passing along my info. I do I disconnect myself from Google's vultures?

Comment Re:Ansel Adams (Score 2) 240

You're a liar. Lets say they took a 40MP camera (say the Pentax 645D). That camera has a max resolution of 7264 x 5440px. Now we'll imagine that photo being blown up to the size of a SMALL wall, 2m in height, making it XX meters across. That would set the dpi at about 80dpi. Too low.

No digital camera could get close to that size, and the only ones that would be in the running are the Phase One, Leica or Hasselblad. I've used two of those cameras, but none would be accessible to scientists in Antarctica. Maybe Nat Geo.

To print an entire (large) wall you need at least size 120 FILM, but probably 4x5 FILM.

So don't give me lies and 'digital is superior' bullshit. You're welcome to have that argument, but get an education first.

And Ansel has not been 'well and truly outdone' by anyone. His style of photography isn't popular anymore, but show me a single artist who can shoot his style with a portfolio the size of his, and I'll then give you the credit you think you deserve.

Comment Re:Ansel Adams (Score 1) 240

My time to shine! Pro 'tog here. Firstly, ignore the prat who thinks Ansel Adams is outdated - he doesn't know what the hell he's talking about. That said... When was the last time you saw a retrospective of Adams? Modernism has kind of left Adams behind. Minor White and Alfred Steiglitz are enduringly popular, Bill Brandt still does the tours. Film is still used a lot - I use it weekly (though not daily). It is not the professional 'togs tool of choice, but it is the professional artist's. It's funny though - my local shop has started processing film again, but only colour. I still have to process all my BW myself.

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