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+ - 30 years in the slammer for pharmacy spammer->

Submitted by teutonic_leech
teutonic_leech (596265) writes "Internet users can count on a few less e-mails about cheap Viagra and Cialis showing up in their junk mail folders, as well-known spammer Christopher Smith has been sentenced to 30 years in jail by a federal judge. The judge referred to the 27-year-old online drugstore owner as a "drug kingpin" when issuing the sentence, according to the Star Tribune. The sentencing is among the longest convictions related to Internet pharmacies in recent history, said Smith's attorney."
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+ - Amazing 3d attachment for your PMP - no glasses

Submitted by teutonic_leech
teutonic_leech (596265) writes "A startup called Neovision just announced the coolest PMP accessory ever — a screen attachment that turns it into a 3d PMP — and no 3d glasses are required! An attachment for the iUbi Blue seems to be their first product but they claim they'll soon support the M$ Zune, the Archos 604, the Creative Vision:W, etc. Heck, this could be excellent for games — snap it on and play Wipeout Pure in 3d."

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