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+ - Groklaw Shutters Doors Over NSA Email Spying-> 3

Submitted by tetrahedrassface
tetrahedrassface (675645) writes "Groklaw is shutting down over fears that the tactics the NSA uses for email snooping and storage could affect the way the site does law. Pamela Joins said, ""the simple truth is, no matter how good the motives might be for collecting and screening everything we say to one another, and no matter how "clean" we all are ourselves from the standpont of the screeners, I don't know how to function in such an atmosphere. I don't know how to do Groklaw like this," she writes..."
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+ - How Should Slashdot Handle an NSA Incursion?

Submitted by wjcofkc
wjcofkc (964165) writes "With the fall of Lavabit and Groklaw at hand, an interesting question arises: how should Slashdot respond to the NSA if they come knocking? It is not entirely unreasonable to think that this might happen, if it hasn't already. Slashdot is after all highly trafficked by the fringes of society and is rife with seditious discussion. Courtesy of gag orders, it's difficult to know who the NSA's heavy handed dragnet operation has already ensnared. Should we expect Slashdot's editors and administrators to reflect it's powerfully counter-culture user base, and out an NSA incursion while shutting down the site, violating a gag order? Or could Dice Holdings prevent the people that run Slashdot from even knowing it was happening? These are question we should all be asking. And so I pose the question to those who administer this site: do you have a plan in case the NSA comes knocking? Is Dice Holdings in a position to keep you ignorant of NSA snooping activity? Also, to the users: how do you think Slashdot should handle their user base in response to a visit from the NSA to copy hard drives, install 'special' hardware, and lay down a gag order? If you think the question doesn't apply to us, consider that it shouldn't have applied to Groklaw either."

Comment: Sad Day. (Score 2) 123

by tetrahedrassface (#43280049) Attached to: The End Is Nigh For the Linux Game Tome

I liked Happy Penguin, what's next? Will LWN close down too?? I suppose for a lot of us The LInux Game Tome was important because they listed lots of games for us, and have a pretty good interface at that. Guess I just miss the old wide open days of Linux..

*Goes out and and stands in yard with a torch and pitchfork*


South Korea Backtracks On China As Source of Cyberattack 125

Posted by timothy
from the could-have-been-anyone-really dept.
hackingbear writes "The suspected cyberattack that struck South Korean banks and media companies this week didn't originate from a Chinese IP address, South Korean officials said Friday, contradicting their previous claim. The Korea Communications Commission said that after 'detailed analysis,' the IP address used in the attack is the bank's internal IP address — which is, coincidentally identical to a Chinese ISP's address, among the 2^32 address space available."

Comment: Re:Lazy is just another word of "efficient" (Score 1) 3

by tetrahedrassface (#43260923) Attached to: Musings on Linux. People Are Lazy.

So you are running on the argument that one user on one set of hardware setting optimal conditions for thousands if not millions of consumers of closed and proprietary software is better than an OPEN operating system that is free for anyone and runs on a toaster if you want it to? I don't understand the logic really. By that logic vehicles should only go 60 miles per hour since that's what most speed limits are...and no one should be allowed to raise the hood and install turbo chargers... For that matter, why would anyone want to change their own oil, when they can pay someone to do it?

When you change your own oil, at least you know it's done correctly (if you aren't lazy)...

User Journal

Journal: Musings on Linux. People Are Lazy. 3

Journal by tetrahedrassface

I read Slashdot quite a lot, and after 13 years of using Linux there has really never been an issue that can't be fixed or worked around with a little work. Reading the comments here and there, there and there about Linux I keep seeing posts from folks that seem to think Linux doesn't work. It works too well really. The real issue is that people are lazy and don't want to do work involved in setting up a system that works well. The main rub to me is neither OSX or WIndows works any better, an

Comment: I recently used OpenShot and loved it. (Score 2) 55

A few weeks ago my family business was contacted by Pilgrim Studios in Los Angeles about them doing a show on us. Since I used pretty much use Linux exclusively and they wanted lots of video of our interactions, interviews, and lots of other other stuff I knew I'd be in trouble on the editing side.

Actually however it wasn't bad at all! I was using an older Handycam and would rip the mini DVD's via HandBrake then feed them into OpenShot. It did crash a few times at first, but I always backed it up as a project file and after a few days of trail and error seemed to have a processing system that worked.

I don't know if we got the gig yet, but Openshot handled what I threw at it fairly well. I can't wait to donate to them. At the least we have a 1.5 hour movie now that one day we might cherish as a piece of our history.

Comment: Re:Its a very convenient gas (Score 1) 104

by tetrahedrassface (#43169741) Attached to: Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere

Happen to agree with the original post. NASA funding will be cut 21% due to the sequester. His opinions is not a troll and while neat for an 'oh gee' bit off science.....This is not that big a deal For the guy that attacked him (ThePieces), just because you think there is plenty of $ to around does not mean there are........ you need to learn critical thinking and just why the mission wants the attention......

-1 troll disgraceful.


Astronomers Probe Mysterious Gas In Titan's Atmosphere 104

Posted by samzenpus
from the up-in-the-air dept.
sciencehabit writes "A fluorescent glow high in the atmosphere of Titan, Saturn's largest moon, signifies the presence of a gas that astronomers have yet to identify. The glow appears only on the daytime side of the moon at altitudes between 600 and 1250 kilometers, with the largest intensity occurring at an altitude of about 950 km. Detailed analyses reveal that the glow doesn't stem from a problem with the Saturn-orbiting Cassini craft, and it isn't associated with methane or any of the other hydrocarbons already identified as constituents of Titan's atmosphere."

Comment: Obligatory Post. (Score 1, Interesting) 915

by tetrahedrassface (#43163057) Attached to: New Pope Selected

For Catholics this is big deal.. So congrats to them. I'm only really commenting because of an accidental moderation up there ^. Anyway, in world that increasingly tries to tear things down, at least the Catholics know where he stands on some issues. Nothing will change, and they'll stand by their beliefs and that's okay because it's a free world..... So with that... See ya.

The price one pays for pursuing any profession, or calling, is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side. -- James Baldwin