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Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

Photoshop has everything in one window so doing split-screens doesn't make any sense

Ignorance is bliss I guess. Any part of the Photoshop UI can be un-docked and moved to another monitor.

Comment Re:Sadly.. (Score 1) 351

Why on earth would I want to spend time learning a new UI, when the old one isn't limiting me in any measurable way.

How do you know. You admit to never having seen the alternative? The comment is essentially moronic based on ignorance. Are you religious perhaps? For all you know the UI, and the functionality could cut your time by 90%.

I also prefer vi(m) to everything else.

For simple text editing, vi(m) is fantastic. If you are a developer and use vi(m) as your main editor, you are a retarded moron with a brain the size and shape of a raisin.

Comment Re:Why? why now? (Score 1) 158

despite eclipse being right there

Having a root canal in all my teeth with no sedation would be FAR more comfortable than switching back to using Eclipse as my main development environment. Seriously. Visual Studio is that much better. The reality is that VS is what Eclipse could have been if Eclipse developers knew anything about usability. C# is what Java could have been if it wasn't (both now and before) managed by a moronic committee. The fact that I can now deploy on Linux is a huge plus, but I would not give up Visual Studio as my dev environment. Nothing comes close.

Comment This is Apple speak for... (Score 1) 478

"Shit, those guys came up with some cool stuff we didn't think of. Give us a couple of years to look at it, then we'll create the exact same product, have it specced at half the specs and priced at twice.

I have and use and like my Mac Book Pro. I have Windows 10 on my home PC. In fact, I love my Mac Book Pro. It's Unix the way nobody else was able to do it. It's the "Year of Linux on the Desktop", just that it's not Linux. On the other hand, I am more productive on my Win10 desktop. There are more tools. There is more speed per dollar. There are more options. Very importantly - my Windows 10 PC runs Visual Studio, and there simply isn't anything out there, written by anyone ever, that can touch Visual Studio as a development environment. The competition doesn't even reach the knee level of VS. I can develop Android apps on VS2013 and 2015 better than is possible on anything else anywhere. Running the Microsoft Android emulator is like driving a Porche Carrera to the 1969 VM Bug from Google.

I could of course run Linux on my desktop, but the apps simply are no there. Oh, and the UI is, still, after all these years, a horrible monstrosity so bad that everybody involved in designing it should be "taken out back and shot".

Comment Re: He's got his talking points (Score 1) 478

Tes, 99% of Windows 10 users are being spied upon. 100% of Gmail users are being spied upon. 100% of Apple users are... Mitigating being spied upon entails moving into a cave somewhere and never coming out. I am not happy about MS spying, but you can't metigate being spied upon by not being a MS customer. In this regard MS is neither worse not better than basically all realistic alternatives. Oh and if you even attempt to claim Linux is an alternative, you are a moron. Linux is FAR less an alternate be than fixing your router is.

Comment Re: No China? Well, then, enjoy your BS session. (Score 1) 173

Well, actually, higher taxes is probably the only viable solution right now, but not the way most enviro its think, at the consumer end. Here's the rub. Burning coal is bad. Stopping that alone would mostly get us where we want to go. Probelm is, once it is dug up it'll burn and we're toast. Right? Now, we can build out renewables to decrease demand for coal, right? Yeah, but that'll have no effect. Prices on coal go down and it becomes more attractive somewhere else. So it's burned and we're toast. In theory we could put enough downward pressure on coal prices to make mining not a viable business, but given the demand for energy that isn't likely to ever happen. So, what to do? Make coal more expensive. LOTS more expensive. Tax the bejeezuz out of it's production. Import and export taxes up the wazoo. Slam the production hard. The US, Europe etc. That'll work. Nothing else will.

Comment Re: Weep for humanity. (Score 1) 375

No, he says it isn't science because it doesn't employ the methodology of science. Economy, psychology and astrology are similar in that they can use words that make them sound scientific, but that doesn't make them science. I also doesn't make them invalid subject of an institution of education. A great many things taught at schools are not science.

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