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Comment Re:Remembering what Microsoft did (Score 1) 128

what Microsoft did to stop Lotus

This is actually urban legend. Never happened. Pure myth. Remember, Microsoft was, in the DOS days, utterly dependent on Lotus to sell PCs. Every Lotus employee involved at the time also deny there ever was such a problem.

Lotus 1-2-3 dies because Excel was a (in areas vastly) superior product. It certainly had its flaws, but from a usability standpoint it blew Lotus out of the water. You only have to look at the Apple side of things. Lotus Symphony and Excel existed at the same time on the Mac, and I would guesstimate that Excel outsold Lotus on Apple by about a million to one.

and WordPerfect

This isn't even an urban legend. This never happened, and there isn't even a myth that it did.

Word Perfect committed suicide. Word Perfect on Windows was a deeply flawed product. It was, for any windows user, a usability nightmare. The morons insisted on staying with WP shortcuts and their own (horrible) menu system despite the fact that nobody wanted it. Refusing to change, and at the release of Microsoft Word 2.0, which was a far inferior product from a technical standpoint, but good enough for 97.5% of all use-cases, WordPerfect was dead. By moronic suicide. WP refused to go the proper Windows route, their product (on Windows) was buggy as to be unusable until version 6.0a and by then the fight was over.

Comment Re:And yet (Score 1) 172

I love articles like this. They are sooo funny. Take a look at the illustration picture. You saw the same type of imagery with another "investigative report". Here the TV crew got dressed up like that and took a TEPCO representative with them who declined the "protective gear". They claimed he did so only to safe the face of TEPCO 'cause, you know, everybody knows we can't enter Fukushima with this type of protective gear.

Except, this is for protection against dust, not radiation. Same as is used in a slaughter house or in a factory producing micro chips.

Journalists are clueless morons who'll do anything for a click.

Comment Re:Another Win For the Anti-Nuclear Guys (Score 1) 172

Which effects? Seriously. I learned in school (back during the nuclear-holocaust nonsense) that nuclear bombs would make the world uninhabitable for millennia and more. Still, a mere weeks after the bombs fell on these two cities living there posed no risk to anyone (except from the fact that significant parts of the infrastructure was gone). Radiation risks after a nuclear bomb are negligible. Unless you were exposed when the bomb exploded.

Comment Re:Another Win For the Anti-Nuclear Guys (Score 1) 172

all coal and nuclear power in the country would have been replaced with solar panels. In the Carter Administration

Yes, and the US would have been a third world country with 50 million people in it, and the discussion about a fence between Mexico and the US would have been a topic in Mexican elections, not US elections.

realize that nuclear power is the most expensive technology ever invented by man

...and also the cleanest and safest way to create the required amount of electricity.

no plant rolls the full cost of it's construction

Who does? Does prices of coal-produced electricity include the price of fixing climate gas problems? If it did, could anyone afford it?

much less storing the waste for hundreds of years

This is only a problem because religious fruitcakes claim that the scientifically sound plans for waste managment are dangerous.

Comment Re: Just read that piece a few hours ago... (Score 1) 55

If that was his main issue... The entire story is based on a storm on Mars creating havoc. That's insane. The atmosphere on Mars is so thin a storm would barely topple a Barbie Doll standing on one leg. It wouldn't topple any kind of space faring vehicle!

Comment Re:wholly owned, fully controlled, yes. Spinoff no (Score 1) 195

You are right, the mother company can order its employees abroad to hand over the data. The employees in said country can not comply however, since they would break the law in the country they reside.

To make a silly, but perfectly apt, analogy - a wholly owned subsidiary of a Saudi Arabian company could order a qualified employee in the US to stone a female employee to death for adultery. The employee of the US subsidiary could not comply within the law of the location where he is though. Laws are limited to the region where they are applicable. US law is irrelevant toilet paper in Ireland, as it should be.

Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 64

Nope the tax evasion is illegal

Nonsense. It is fully legal. Please quote which law, and in which way this is illegal. If it is illegal, why are companies like Microsoft and Google not prosecuted. The tax authorities are actually quite fond of prosecuting illegal tax evasion. Please don't make up your own fact just to make reality fit your emotions.

considered a plague upon the earth

Sigh. Why don't you just move to North Korea immediately. Then you will not be plagued with companies or even the concept of having a job.

Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 64

Sorry no it is illegal they are bleeding economies out of sheer greed

Nonsense. Greed is perfectly legal. The fact that you don't like it doesn't make it illegal. In fact, you say so your self:

they have paid their lobbyists to create via corrupt politicians

If a company is following the law, no matter how that law came about, then the company is not doing anything illegal. Again, the fact that you don't like it doesn't make it illegal.

To my own comment: A company is required, by regulation, to maximize profit for share holders. If a company has the ability to legally move their money around to minimize taxation then they are required to do so.

Comment Re: Mission accomplished (Score 1) 399

Sigh. When someone has something to say about your superstitious beliefs, it doesn't automatically mean they are making stuff up: you could start here..

Now, in fairness, in 2014, German CO2 emissions fell quite significantly, but that is very, very hard to tie to energiwende, since the entire CO2 emission drop can be explained by a dramatic reduction in energy consumption in 2014. Now, this energy consumption reduction can be tied directly to a mild winter, so 2014 is, most likely, an anomaly. You can read more about that in this very eco-friendly publication. It's cool to see how they wriggle and worm to try not to put the "blame" of the 2014 CO2 emission reduction on the lower energy consumption.

There are other articles covering some of this also.

Currently, most renewable alternatives are, as the Tesla home batteries, woefully inadequate for the task at hand, at least in large parts of the world. Oh, and the Tesla home battery stuff is a sad, sad, sad joke.

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