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by terbeaux (#45728351) Attached to: Harvard Bomb Hoax Perpetrator Caught Despite Tor Use

So once the FBI subpeona'd Tor to...

That's an awful long post for someone that doesn't seem to know what they are talking about. Tor cannot be subpoenaed for information. It is a peer to peer network, not a legal entity. They got this guy because to get on university wifi you need to login, which then associates your mac address with your account and allows traffic to flow. They also monitor your traffic and could associate his account with Tor use. This gave the FBI enough information to question him and he probably was so scared and guilty feeling that he freely confessed. You can change the mac address on most network adapters. You wouldn't need to buy a throwaway usb wifi adapter. The FBI would have had much less to go on if the perp had simply used a free wifi hotspot.

It is difficult to understand what was going on in his head but it obviously wasn't rational thought.

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by terbeaux (#44940795) Attached to: Georgia Cop Issues 800 Tickets To Drivers Texting At Red Lights
Mod parent up! When I was growing up I accepted the fact that everything is illegal and that I was most likely breaking some law at any given time. It took me years to understand the social implications. If you want to go down a wiki hole this is a good place to start:

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Wait, what? Do you honestly believe that if an incentive is there that sentient organisms will not reach for it? I have a strong moral compass but that doesn't change the fact that you need to stop whatever the fuck you are doing right now to help us reengineer "the game" in order to reward people that do good while doing well. Aside from NWO fantasies, all the assholes that have money right now are extremely interested in keeping it, at all costs. This includes your family's ability to be healthful or be educated to a basic level. I think it was Peter Drucker that said "If you can't measure it, then you can't manage it." They are fucking managing you. How does it feel?

+ - Seattle Lawmaker Wants to Tax Breathing ->

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terbeaux (2579575) writes "The fact that Rep Ed Orcutt (R — WA) wants to tax bicycle use is not extraordinary. The representative's irrational conviction is. SeattleBikeBlog has confirmed reports that Orcutt does not feel bicycling is environmentally friendly because the activity causes cyclists to have “an increased heart rate and respiration.” When they contacted him he clarified that “You would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car...” Cascade blog has posted the full exchange between Rep Ed Orcutt and a citizen concerned about the new tax.

All of this is in spite of Orcutt receiving his Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Maine."

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You can send a similar one from here: Representative Gooden, I am writing to alert you to public opinion that is forming about your new HB912. A consensus is bubbling up on internet forums that your intention in drafting this bill was to protect corporations like Columbia from incidents similar to the Oak Cliff pig blood dumping which resulted in criminal charges. I have not found any post yet that interprets this new bill as protecting the privacy of individual citizens. I know that this was not your intention and I urge you to take action by retracting the bill and releasing a clarifying statement. Regards, Terbeaux Nou P.S. Please find attached links for two popular internet sites which are discussing your new bill:

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