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Comment: Re:Bullshit. (Score 1) 182

by teraph (#20628567) Attached to: How Computers Transformed Baby Boomers
I imagine many would assume that the cut icon is scissors because you are cutting something, not because there used to be an editing task involving cutting and pasting with typewriters.

People may understand what cutting is, and what pasting is -- both physically and electronically -- and still never know that people used to edit typewritten manuscripts using that process. (Or created fliers and quizzes doing the same.)

+ - New Royalty Rates to Bankrupt Webcasters

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scifience writes "Earlier today the new royalty rates for US-based webcasters were announced by the Copyright Royalty Board. Under the new system, a station with just 1000 listeners will be charged over $150,000 a year in royalties. The worst part? The rates are effective retroactively to the beginning of 2006. The royalties were proposed and will be collected by RIAA-backed SoundExchange. Luckily, the rates are still subject to appeal. More information on the changes and what can be done to stop the RIAA from destroying internet radio here."

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