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Comment VOD, except for sports (Score 1) 73

and maybe they're betting that more and more content will be streamed rather than recorded

Especially with the "TV Everywhere" video-on-demand offerings available over the Internet as a perk for subscribers to participating multichannel pay TV providers. The hardest thing to get on demand as I understand it is sports, but there's a strong tradition of watching sports live, or at least (in the case of baseball or American football) delayed by no more than two hours so that the viewer can fast forward past all the downtime.

Comment Every human language leaves out information (Score 1) 49

when the source language admits to intentionally leaving out information

Every human language leaves out information. Different languages just leave out different amounts in different ways in different circumstances. This is why instead of relying on Google Translate, the author of an Hour of Code activity this year is going to have to hire a professional translator who can ask the author for the information that one language left out for use in a translation to another language.

Comment Progressive lossless codecs are also lossy (Score 1) 302

Did you even read the title of the article?

It's a lossless format

It's designed to be "progressive". This means the prefix of any lossless file is a lossy file. In fact, the more graceful degradation of truncated progressive FLIF compared to truncated progressive PNG is touted as an advantage over PNG.

Comment Does FLIF "provide specialized facilities"? (Score 1) 302

From the paragraph on that page recommending a permissive license: "Some libraries implement free standards that are competing against restricted standards". Against which restricted standard for lossless image coding is FLIF competing?

If none, then it goes on to state: For libraries that provide specialized facilities, and which do not face entrenched noncopylefted or nonfree competition, we recommend using the plain GNU GPL." So the question is one of whether FLIF "provide[s] specialized facilities".

Comment Re:GPLv3 - the kiss of death (Score 1) 302

A codec incorporates not only coding techniques but what a 0 represents in each circumstance and what a 1 represents. By the logic of the opinion of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Oracle v. Google, the particular senses for bitstream elements chosen in FLIF would be the expression of the general idea of a lossless still image codec incorporating particular techniques. The question of whether copying these senses is fair use has been remanded to the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

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