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Comment Re:How to migrate away? (Score 1) 100

From a filesize perspective, Flash was great at keeping filesizes minimal by bundling assets into a single SWF

Which HTML5 has begun to address with data URIs.

and it's per-character font utilization allowed for the use of multiple fonts without needing to include entire font faces.

You can subset a WOFF or have someone write a Canvas-based font renderer.

Lastly, Flash allowed for protected code.

Protected from what? Copyright in all Berne Convention member states is automatic from the date you press Ctrl+S until 70 years after you're dead.

Comment Re:At how many kbps? (Score 1) 100

VP9 is comparable with H.265.

Then how much bigger is H.265 than the original vectors.

You can't compare it with vectors because that's not how it works

My point exactly. Rendering vectors to 480p pixels and compressing them with VP9 or H.265 will likely use far more space than the original vectors.

And MP3?? How... quaint. MP3 is for pocket players. Real men use AAC.

Which codec is used in existing animutations?

Comment F Yeah Seeking (Score 1) 100

How do you pause or bookmark time indexes or skip forward and backward through an SWF?

Many later animutations were made on an ActionScript framework that allows pausing and seeking.

How do you watch an SWF on a smartphone, tablet or console when none of them support Flash?

On a smartphone or tablet running Android pre-4.4, you can install Firefox and Flash Player. As for consoles, the Wii comes with Internet Channel that includes Flash Player, and the Home Theater PC supports Flash Player.

Comment Old enough doesn't matter (Score 1) 194

they must easily have over a million accounts old enough to have originally hooked-up to 'unlimited' plans.

So what? In my experience, Comcast is far less likely to use contracts longer than a year with an early termination fee than the phone company is. Most customers I imagine are on month-to-month terms. This means if Comcast wants to end unmetered plans, a customer can just choose to cancel service.

Comment Not everyone lives alone (Score 4, Insightful) 194

at that rate, you could watch HD content for 222 hours straight (9.25 days) before you'd hit your 300GB cap

Divide by the number of people in the house who watch Netflix. And subtract all other uses of the connection, such as operating system and application updates on all devices in the household, downloads of purchased video games, web surfing, YouTube, and video chat with relatives in another state.

Comment At how many kbps? (Score 3, Insightful) 100

Homestar Runner's content is up at YouTube now

Uploading SWF to YouTube involves rendering the vectors to pixels and then compressing those pixels with AVC. This produces a significantly larger file, and it removes interactivity. Comments to recent Slashdot stories about Netflix and Steam suggest that in some areas, such as the middle of Seattle and elsewhere, it's hard to get even 256 kbps Internet access at home, let alone the 1 Mbps you need to stream YouTube at standard definition. With the original vectors, on the other hand, a sufficiently powerful device can render them locally at full 1080p.

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