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Comment: PHP: The Good Parts (Score 1) 156

PHP, and that means your security is dead right there

In theory, it should be possible to adopt good coding practices that leave out all the bad parts of PHP, in much the same way that Douglas Crockford recommends for JavaScript in his book JavaScript: The Good Parts. If you think the PHP interpreter inherently has poor security despite good coding practices, have you tried notifying the operators of Wikipedia?

Comment: WebSockets (Score 1) 205

The "client-server" apps were better than Web 2.0

Could they run on a Mac even if the developer used Windows? Or vice versa?

and used less bandwith.

In theory, a web application that uses HTML5 WebSockets could be as lean as a native client-server app. But in practice, it's not done because it would increase the developers' costs, including cost of providing a fallback for browsers that lack WebSockets, more than it would decrease the cost of providing the service.

Comment: Who pays for SI transition? (Score 1) 294

by tepples (#49601017) Attached to: Tesla To Announce Battery-Based Energy Storage For Homes

Who pays for the transition to "the internationally standardized units"? Meters would need to be replaced with pedantically SI-compliant meters. And besides, power in practice is correlated with daylight and climate conditions, which recur on cycles closer to 86,400 seconds and 31,556,952 seconds respectively. These numbers are far from powers of two and thus don't quite fit into the decimal SI. Who pays to teach people to multiply and divide by 86,400 and and 31,556,952 in their heads to estimate energy from power or vice versa over the course of a day or year?

Comment: Do lab mice even get names? (Score 1) 340

For example, the study using mice that showed that 10ppb As in drinking water harmed "mothers and their offspring" (mouse mothers and baby mice, not humans) didn't have to list the names of the mice, only aggregate numbers.

Do lab mice even get names? Or is it just the mice on the "outside", like the fictional Elizabeth Brisby?

Comment: For Internet (Score 1) 329

by tepples (#49588899) Attached to: ESPN Sues Verizon To Stop New Sports-Free TV Bundles

Someone would have cable Internet because dial-up is unusably slow, fiber to the home is unavailable in his location, DSL is either of the above, satellite and cellular are cost prohibitive with their $5-$10 per GB quota, and moving is also cost prohibitive. Someone would have cable TV if the double play from the local cable company is cheaper than Internet service alone.

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