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Comment Couch multiplayer (Score 3, Interesting) 96 96

generally if you have a "gaming computer" you're going to want to use it directly over any other device even if streaming were perfect.

True for single-player or online play, not so much if the game supports local multiplayer. At this point, you'd want to either A. put your gaming PC in the living room or B. stream the game from your gaming PC to the device connected to the TV. Otherwise, you're all stuck crowding around a desk.

Comment Re:No kidding. (Score 1) 253 253

How many popular web apps can you name that completely separate the back end and the front end and provide documentation for users to talk directly to the back end and substitute their own UI or amalgamate the data with that from other services?

I can't count every web site that has an API, but examples include Amazon, eBay, and Twitter.

Comment Re:Yeah, So... (Score 1) 253 253

I use JS on my site - to drive navigation. Show me another way to do this efficiently and dynamically

Use some sort of server-side code?

Using "some sort of server-side code" would require re-sending the entire web page if one small part of it has changed. This is slow and expensive on cellular or satellite connections. It also requires a hosting plan that allows use of "some sort of server-side code", unlike ad-supported shared hosting providers that have historically supported only static HTML files.

Comment Re:OpenID Connect scales at O(n^2) (Score 1) 364 364

Then let me reiterate the question I linked above: How should I, as a server administrator or as the developer of an application that will be installed on servers by third parties, go about determining at any moment in time what "the top several" OpenID Connect identity providers are?

Comment Re:No kidding. (Score 1) 253 253

As the window narrows, it gets rid of the columns

This when one user instructs another on how to use the site:
"...and look in the right column."
"What right column?"

Also, how do you avoid loading the HTML that goes into the hidden columns so that mobile viewers don't have to pay data overages for things they'll never see?

Comment Because of holes in browser support (Score 1) 253 253

Isn't the POINT of the internet browser and HTML concept a sort of 'Swiss Army Knife' of applications, meaning that it's the website's job to deliver content to the browser so that we don't need a separate "program" for every single stupid thing we're trying to do online?

In theory, that's the point. In practice, the web browser included with Windows (Internet Explorer), OS X (Safari), and iOS (Safari) has tended to lack support for key web standards. For example, the latest version of Internet Explorer for the oldest supported version of Windows didn't support most HTML5 features until April 2014, when support for Windows XP was ended, and it won't support WebGL until April 2017, when Microsoft plans to end support for Windows Vista. Safari for iOS didn't support photo and video uploads through the browser prior to iOS 6 nor WebGL prior to iOS 8. A lot of browsers still lack support for, say, plugged-in USB joysticks. For anything that the user's browser doesn't support and which cannot be polyfilled efficiently if at all, the user will need to install a native app.

Comment Re:One wonders (Score 1) 253 253

Please don't start a sentence in the subject and finish it in the comment. It makes it harder to quote your post for context.

I can think of three kinds of interstitials, each with a different set of who pays and who earns. For ad interstitials, the advertiser pays, and the ad network and the "publisher" (site on which ads are placed) earn. For stickiness interstitials, such as follow us via e-mail or Twitter or download our app, the same happens except much later when the user visits again later and views more ads. For subscription interstitials, the user has to pay to make the box disappear.

tab close an if the "do you really want to do this"

I've seen this with "1 weird trick" clickbait ads that lead to a 20-minute video infomercial with no progress meter. Click the back button or close box, and they will replace the video with a transcript and put up an "are you sure" to let the viewer choose to finish the ad in case the viewer prefers text to video.

Comment Re:Android versions prior to Jelly Bean, version 4 (Score 1) 202 202

1. There is no company called "iPhone".

The legal name of the company is Apple Inc. It has the authority to update system software on iPhone and iPad brand devices. When people refer to "iPhone", they refer to the division of Apple responsible for iOS updates.

Just like there is no company called "Android".

A company called Google Inc. acquired a company called Android Inc. But there is no one entity with authority to update system software on devices. This is delegated to device manufacturers (for Wi-Fi-only tablets) or to carriers (for phones and tablets supporting cellular data service).

Comment Discrimination against ex-felons (Score 1) 167 167

Yesterday I just got my first ex-felon to mysteriously add me to his G+ circles via youtube

"Ex-felon" means he's not a felon anymore. He's done his time; he's rehabilitated. Why should society give him what amounts to a life sentence?

Comment Android 2 vs. Android 4 (Score 1) 167 167

Android Market in Android 2 required specifically a Gmail account and gave the " does not use Gmail. Add Gmail to your Google account" registration for a Google account associated to any other email address. Google Play Store in Android 4 or later allows use of any Google account but requires a Google+ profile in order to leave a review of an app.

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