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Comment: Re:Safari was late in implementing some web APIs (Score 1) 283 283

For instance, please explain why it took until iOS 6 for HTML/JS apps to access the user's photo and video libraries through [HTML file upload]

Because exposing a user's files to any in-page behavior is a security risk and needs to be handled in clean managed ways with limited APIs?

If Apple were sincere about making the web its API in iOS 1, it would have put a "clean managed" media chooser in place since iOS 1.

Imagine how bad it would be if "it works on the latest release, but only on these specific models".

Firefox already does this with its WebGL driver blacklist. It does not support WebGL on pre-OpenGL 2.0 GPUs, such as the integrated GMA 3100 in the Atom N450 processor in my laptop.

Comment: Safari was late in implementing some web APIs (Score 1) 283 283

LOL - you realize the the original iPhone allowed *only* HTML/JS apps?

True, Apple originally planned for the iPhone to use web applications. But it took a long time for Apple to follow through on this plan. For instance, please explain why it took until iOS 6 for HTML/JS apps to access the user's photo and video libraries through an <input type="file"> control and until iOS 8 for HTML/JS apps to put the most basic 3D view on screen (WebGL).

Comment: Yes, people still use iOS (Score 5, Informative) 283 283

Just because you no longer use Apple's iOS doesn't mean millions of other people don't still use iOS. There are two kinds of browsers on iOS: browsers that run remotely and behave akin to Remote Desktop, such as Opera Mini, and browsers that wrap the system's UIWebView or WKWebView control, such as Safari. The App Store Review Guidelines forbid third-party web engines that run on an iOS device. This means the vast majority of browsers for iOS are essentially window dressing around Safari.

Comment: Spoiler warning (Score 1) 194 194

Netflix users with DVD service have several years of experience learning to wait a year for the current season of shows. It works the same with streaming.

Except that people who wait a year have to make an effort to avoid spoilers and have no chance to discuss plot developments with their respective social groups.

Comment: Re:Fucking Lawyers (Score 1) 174 174

That's a hard position to take here with all the opinionated freeloading IP burglars since when they are not whining about ISPs (ex. Comcast, ATT) limiting their content stealing abilities

How is it "content stealing" to view licensed video through Netflix? Or are you claiming that Netflix's license to the video it offers is invalid?

or criticizing anyone (ex. Microsoft) who wishes to turn a hard-earned buck for the quality software they produce at great expense

Most of us don't criticize wanting to earn a buck. We criticize anticompetitive methods of doing so, such as exclusive (or effectively exclusive) deals with all leading manufacturers of a particular class of hardware.

the residents spew their hateful anger at those (ex. Oracle) who wish to protect their IP

What is "IP"? Copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret are very different beasts. If you mean copyright, say copyright. If you mean patent, say patent. If you mean trademark, say trademark. If you mean trade secret, say trade secret. Or did you mean stealing an IP address?

from downright theft

Copyright infringement and theft are distinct offenses. In the United States, the former is always federal, and the latter is generally handled by the several states, becoming federal only if goods are carried across state lines.

Comment: Flee the Berne Convention? (Score 1) 174 174

If there's a silver lining, it's that this will breed further contempt for the law among the educated. As they flee its jurisdiction.

Very little of the industrialized world is outside the jurisdiction of the Berne Convention. Where were you imagining that they would flee?

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