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Comment: Highway funds (Score 1) 75

by tepples (#47432525) Attached to: Amazon Seeks US Exemption To Test Delivery Drones

Besides, this is State government not Federal requiring the license.

Congress forces the states to incorporate certain uniform provisions in traffic laws, such as a drinking age of 21. It does this by bribing the states with "highway funds" taken from citizens of other states under authority granted through the postal and commerce clauses.

Perform in costume: That is a city ordinance. Again, not fed and not even State. I am sure NYC has a reason for that ordinance, take it up with them.

In the case of dressing up as an identifiable character from a non-free work of fiction, it could be a Lanham Act violation or copyright violation, which is federal. But otherwise, such an ordinance amounts to a dress code for appearing on public sidewalks. How would I go about searching for what other cities have an analogous ordinance?

Comment: What's the alternative to an ignore button? (Score 1) 1

by tepples (#47432339) Attached to: 6 Things That Stink About SSL
From the article: "Any security tool that can be entirely overruled by one casual click by an average user has problems." What's the alternative? Should end users have to pay someone an annual fee to skip these warnings, the same way a company has to pay a $299 per year annual fee to load its bespoke apps on its iOS devices?

Comment: PCs still had FM in 1994 (Score 1) 428

"Decades", plural? That'd be 1994. As I understand it, PC games were still including FM soundtracks back then. For example, Doom II has its 20th birthday this September. Software-mixed tracker soundtracks came into use on PC around the time of Jazz Jackrabbit, also in 1994.

Comment: USB DACs (Score 1) 428

One thing that always annoyed me was on board devices going south and not enough expansion slots to add a card in.

USB theoretically has 127 slots to add a card in, if you buy a lot of 7-port hubs. A USB audio interface also lies outside the electrically noisy interior of a PC chassis.

Comment: There's already an American [...] Series (Score 1) 139

There's already an American League Championship Series, and it's the championship of one of the two conferences in Major League Baseball. Its winner plays the winner of the National League Championship Series in the World Series. Any ideas for new names for the World Series that aren't biased toward the American League or National League?

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