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Comment: Re:iOS developer program is NC-17 (Score 1) 586

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For one thing, how would the child go about convincing the parent to buy the certificate? For another, once the child turns 18, how does the parent transfer his or her interest in the developer account to the child? Or is the parent supposed to take the apps down from the App Store, forfeit the remaining months of iOS Developer Program membership, and have the child buy a new certificate and put it up as a brand new app?

Comment: Police in the adjacent lot (Score 1) 403

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I live in Boulder, I bet you don't.

That'd be correct. I live a few states east of you.

I stop, check the road, make sure no cars are coming, and if it's clear, then I'll go

This is the stop sign maneuver, also used at a flashing red signal or a right turn at a steady red signal. At a stop sign, I make sure to slow enough to put weight on my foot before proceeding.

but only have waited twice what the usual time it takes for that light to change (yes, I keep track of that).

I too keep track of how many cycles have elapsed, and I report problematic intersections to the city's hotline once I do arrive. But in the 35 states without a dead red statute, even waiting an hour isn't good enough for the letter of the law. Until about a week ago, it was 36; Indiana's dead red statute took effect on July 1 of this year. Before that, there was one intersection on my way to work where I often had to wait over five cycles for some SUV to pull up behind my bicycle. Oncoming traffic kept getting green left turn arrows while I got an eight-minute steady red in the straight lane. I reported that one to the city and the state, which kept pointing fingers at each other.

But if you do all that, then they won't ever see you do it, and there will be no grounds for them to complain.

Treating a red light as a stop sign works unless there happens to be a police car parked in a nearby parking lot.

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Nobody can avoid killing you if you don't even pretend to follow the rules of traffic.

I'm a cyclist, and I follow the rules of traffic to the extent that I can. But the metal rims of my bicycle don't have enough surface area to consistently trigger the vehicle-sensing induction loops at intersections. At some intersections in my home town, I've seen even a bicycle and a motorcycle put together fail to trip it. So in the 35 states that haven't passed dead red laws, I don't understand how to follow the law against crossing the street at a red light, other than by not traveling at all.

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Their answer to an OS not properly doing something is "fix the OS".

How would someone go about fixing an operating system whose biggest problem is that it can't run many of the proprietary applications on which he relies? There are plenty of applications for Windows that aren't ported to any *BSD.

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