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Comment Re:Limited usefulness (Score 1) 89

A lot of the things called "track you" aren't as much about tracking your physical location as about associating a particular session with another session as being the same person. This way, sites can correlate these unique identifiers and build a dossier about each user.

Comment Cancel or Allow? (Score 1) 89

Yes, we need to stop doing apps in the web browser, and start doing apps in actual applications.

Applications for which platform? Good luck running a native application on Windows if it has not been ported to Windows, or on a Mac if it has not been ported to OS X.

A word processor can simply call an OS API to open a file, then get permission to access that file when you choose to open it.

Repetitive "Cancel or Allow?" dialogs for elevation to administrator is something for which Apple's Mac commercials used to satirize Microsoft. And now you're proposing to show one every time a word processor opens a file. Heaven help you if you're running a compiler toolchain that may open hundreds of files when rebuilding a complex project.

Comment Codec pack as malware dropper (Score 1) 89

If a website wants me to watch some audio or video, it can serve up a file that VLC or some other external player can play, after I've been promoted to allow this to happen.

If you happen not to have a compatible video player installed on the machine that you are presently using, what message or prompt should the system display? Offer a chance to install a "codec pack"? That's what we had before Flash, and malware developers learned that it was effective to to disguise an installer as a codec pack or Flash Player update. And if a web application wants to play several audio streams at a time, such as a game that wants to play both music and sound effects, how would it "serve up a file" for each in an efficient manner?

Comment The Problem with Pen Island (Score 1) 89

Any language where whitespace has meaning... I still can't believe such a thing actually caught on.

I don't know how English caught on with things like "experts exchange" vs. "expert sex change" or "mole station nursery" vs. "molestation nursery" or "who represents" vs. "whore presents" or "pen island" vs., you know...

Comment AIDE for Android (Score 1) 93

You want freedom on a 4" computer that can't be used for serious things anyway.

I want freedom on a 4" computer that I can connect to a Bluetooth keyboard and HDMI monitor when I get to a desk.

So there's no Android SDK for Android.

You were saying? "AIDE supports developing Java/Xml based Android apps using the Android SDK. The AIDE app comes bundeled with a mobile version of the Android SDK, so there is no need to install anything else."

Comment ADSL is for apps (Score 2) 112

For a lot of the world population, ADSL is the last mile through which apps on tablets connect to the Internet. It might be slower than fiber, but it's still a lot faster than cellular. If you try to sustain a download through an entire cap period, cellular is on average not much faster than 14.4 dial-up.*

* 5 GB/mo = 40000000 kbit/mo * 1 mo/30 days * 1 day/86400 s = about 15 kbps

Comment Re:Stuck signal sets (Score 1) 162

First of all, we dont believe that you actually stopped at a red light.

What would be the best way to prove that I do stop?

Secondly, do what motorcyclists do and hit the pedestrian cross button.

Please see my reply to zugmeister. Do I need to paste a Google Maps URL showing the problem?

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