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Comment: Gömböc (Score 2) 43

by tepples (#47523623) Attached to: Empathy For Virtual Characters Studied With FMRI Brain Imaging

A tortoise lays on its back, its belly baking in the hot sun beating its legs trying to turn itself over but it can't, not without your help, but you're not helping. Why is that?

Traffic law forbids me to stop my vehicle on the interstate highway. That and a tortoise's shell has a ridge down the middle to help it flip back over. With practice, it will manage.

You know, if you keep repeating the script for your empathy test in public, people are going to catch on and memorize plausible answers that cause your Voight-Kampff lie detector to display "inconclusive". An insect lands on my arm while I'm watching the local weather forecast? Flick it off. That's why real life psychological tests are kept under non-disclosure agreement.

Comment: Assets and third-party libraries are non-free (Score 3, Insightful) 52

by tepples (#47523477) Attached to: Announces Linux Support

ID Software released (at one time) the source to older titles. Why can't GOG do/push for that too?

Even many companies that distribute their old games' programs as free software keep a tight leash on the "assets" (parts of the game other than the program). Case in point: Id Software cease-and-desisted Mozilla for making an Emscripten-powered JavaScript port of Doom available to the public. One reason that a publisher might decline to distribute an old program as free software is that doing so might encourage unlawful copying of the assets into games that compete with the publisher's own products.

Another reason is that third-party libraries often aren't free software. For example, the big three console makers are known for banning copylefted software on their platforms. The original source release of Doom was silent because Id Software had licensed a non-free audio library from a third party. (Source ports ended up replacing it with a shim around Allegro or SDL.) Id had to rewrite the Doom 3 engine to eliminate a patented "depth fail" shadow volume processing technique invented by William Bilodeau and Michael Songy of Creative Labs before its source could be released.

I'm not about to compromise my machine my running proprietary software on it.

Then how does it connect to the Internet? All cellular radios and many WLAN radios contain a microcontroller running non-free software. And how does it boot? Most commodity PCs ship with a proprietary implementation of EFI and not coreboot.

Comment: Re:I would switch to linux if the fonts (Score 2) 52

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Due diligence in case you're not trolling:

What looks inferior about fonts in modern X11? I haven't found any deficiencies in font rendering over the five and a half years that I've been using Ubuntu on my primary laptop. If it's the selection of fonts, then the same fonts you buy in Windows will work if you install them in GNU/Linux.

Comment: Virtual trackpad and USB or Bluetooth keyboard (Score 1) 52

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A virtual trackpad at the corner of a touch screen replicates a laptop trackpad just fine. I know of at least one Android device (Archos 43 Internet Tablet) that uses the trackpad abstraction when docked to an external display. And if that's not good enough, Android supports USB mice through an OTG cable.
I agree that some games are best with a keyboard because a flat sheet of glass provides no tactile feedback to line up the thumb over on-screen controls. But that's why Android supports USB keyboards through an OTG cable, Bluetooth keyboards, and clip-on Bluetooth gaming keyboards (or "gamepads" as you might call them).

Comment: No privileges to install Cr or Fx (Score 3, Insightful) 100

by tepples (#47521895) Attached to: Internet Explorer Vulnerabilities Increase 100%

I also do not understand, those people still using MSIE

I gather many of them are people at work who lack privileges to install other browsers or to run executables from writable directories. This is reportedly common on government PCs that need to connect to IE-only intranet apps.

Comment: Incompatibility with NoScript (Score 1) 184

by tepples (#47521563) Attached to: A New Form of Online Tracking: Canvas Fingerprinting
Sounds sort of like NoScript. Under your proposal, who would manage updates to scripts that have been approved? If you instead want browsers to require the user to download scripts first, what user interface would you have browsers provide for that? Because a browser could just display "Please load scripts" or "Please update scripts" on a white screen until the user does so.

Comment: CDMA2000 is the problem (Score 1) 159

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SIM-only plans work where T-Mobile has good coverage. But in the states, not all carriers use GSM. If you happen to be located in an area where only a CDMA2000 carrier like Verizon has a good signal, a SIM-only plan won't work because CDMA2000 carriers in the USA have tended not to use CSIMs.

Comment: Still depends on what the video is of (Score 1) 184

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sites that were built by the lowest bidder who often only work on Windows and only works on IE

All supported Windows desktop operating systems can run IE 9 or later. Besides, whether and why government employees on government equipment and government time would be watching your video still depends on what the video is of. It might be better in a specific case to download the video to watch in a native, non-web application, or to have the IT department authorize installation of a second browser for "general interest" web sites.

Comment: Making a living; devkit suppliers (Score 1) 341

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If you want to create something fun with simple tools THEN FREAKING DO IT! There is nothing in this world holding you back unless all you are willing to work on is what someone is paying you to do.

Then how does one "create something fun with simple tools" and still eat? Besides, even if you have an unrelated day job, how does one "create something fun with simple tools" if the tools have to interoperate with other tools that are made available only to established companies, as in the case of developing games and other applications that run on devices commonly connected to TVs?

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