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Comment The concept of "legitimate pop-ups" (Score 4, Informative) 228

The Firefox pop-up blocker allows pop-ups only in response to a discrete user action, such as a click or keypress. This was intended to allow for pop-ups inside legit web applications, especially in the era before DHTML pop-overs became standard. But it ended up abused, as ad networks would just wait for any random click on the page before doing the same old pop-ups. And pop-overs have since also been heavily abused to nag viewers, usually into subscribing to a mailing list.

Comment No one owns football, basketball, or hockey (Score 1) 110

I see no major difference between American Football/Basketball/Hockey and candy-crush/angry-birds/WoW (except that the latter has orders of magnitude more players than the former while the former has orders of magnitude more viewers than the latter).

One difference is that gridiron football, basketball, and ice hockey have been around since before 1923. This means there's no entity with the exclusive public performance right to prevent a new football, basketball, or hockey league from attracting viewers.

Comment Re:A good step but watch the NCAA (Score 1) 110

More like the colleges are realizing that there is another bumper crop of highly marketable kids that they can exploit for multi-million dollar TV and streaming deals

Not if the games' publishers refuse the deals. Nintendo, Capcom, and Blizzard have all asserted the exclusive right to perform their copyrighted games publicly as a way to crack down on leagues, tournaments, and broadcasters that they don't like.

Comment US5797134 and EP0877992 (Score 1) 153

Comment 96K times several factors, plus China (Score 1) 208

I just checked the installation on my PC and the minified JQuery file (jquery-1.11.1.min.js) is all of 96 kilobytes.

I've read that it's common for scripts hosted on separate sites to import separate copies of jQuery so that widgets on the page don't break when a new version of jQuery changes some otherwise unspecified behavior. With noConflict mode, you end up with jquery-1.11.1.min.js, jquery-1.otherversion.min.js, and jquery-1.yetanother.min.js. So that's 96 kilobytes, times a factor accounting for the overhead of JIT compilation, times the number of copies of jQuery loaded into a single page, times the number of tabs open in your browser. It also adds latency to the page load, especially on cellular and satellite. And loading it from Google's CDN causes problems for users in China.

Comment You might not need jQuery (Score 2) 208

I agree with you that there are clean ways to do things in plain ECMAScript 5 and HTML DOM. So long as you don't absolutely need to support obsolete* versions of Windows Internet Explorer, you might not even need jQuery.

* IE 8 and especially 7 cause the most problems, but all currently supported Windows operating systems (10, 8, 7, and Vista) can upgrade to at least IE 9.

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