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Comment: Re:Don't repeat yourself in a multilingual project (Score 1) 167

But now your client's validation doesn't match, unless you're going to go around and force all your clients to update. Maybe at gunpoint or something. Who knows.

Online games won't play unless at the latest patch level, for example.

offline use

if you need to do complicated validation why the heck are you doing it on the client? Just send it to the server

Because the user is using the application during a 2-hour period of having no access to the Internet.

and then let the server return an error

So your suggested workflow is just to let the user enter grossly invalid data for two hours then have the server present pages of error messages once a connection is reestablished.

Again, if this is the metric we're working on, I could just take it up one level and say everyone should learn JavaScript instead of Java

Hence the growth of Node.

Comment: Re:Don't repeat yourself in a multilingual project (Score 1) 167

I don't usually see server architectures and client architectures sharing too much in the way of logic code

Input validation logic and any logic related to offline use needs to be the same (or at least provably identically behaving) on server and client.

Comment: Flappy Bird is Balloon Fight (Score 1) 59

by tepples (#47562445) Attached to: $299 Android Gaming Tablet Reviewed

Various flavors of Survival Horror; from Alan Wake, that Slenderman game, Rust, etc.

I haven't played them. What do they add on top of the Alone in the Dark/Resident Evil/Silent Hill template?

Angry Birds

I played that back when it was called "Gorilla.bas".

There's also CtOS Mobile, which allows mobile players to engage with console players, a fairly new concept.

Apart from the fact that the whole concept of "console players" is an artifact of lockdown regimes, Pac-Man Vs. already did mobile vs. console.

Mass Effect 3 had some novel elements, such as the option to skip the action portions and basically turn the game into an interactive movie.

Isn't that what "FMV games" on Sega CD and 3DO did?

Also, 'annoyance games,' my term, in which I would classify crap like Flappy Bird and F*uck This Game, which seem designed to irritate the shit out of you.

Flappy Bird is a clone of Piou Piou, which is a clone of "Balloon Trip" in Balloon Fight, which is a clone of Joust. F*ck This Game is just WarioWare: each player in a split screen plays a one-button microgame.

Comment: Latency and monthly caps (Score 2) 59

by tepples (#47560703) Attached to: $299 Android Gaming Tablet Reviewed

By the way, now the costs for hardware are passed onto the game publisher rather than the end-user.

Something like OnLive stops working so well once ISPs start charging per GB, at which point the end user has to pay both the ISP and the game publisher. What will the market bear? And I'm told such streaming fails for twitchier genres that rely on eye-blink reactions.

Comment: Don't repeat yourself in a multilingual project (Score 1) 167

If a developer is scared to cross to any platform because they don't want to be multi-lingual, they're doing it wrong.

An application can be separated into logic and presentation, or model and view, however your framework prefers to describe them. A program may require separate presentation for each platform, but versions of a program for multiple platforms should ideally share the logic. But some platforms strongly recommend or even require use of certain languages. How can a programmer follow the rule of not repeating yourself to share logic across languages? Say I developed a game in Java or Objective-C but I want to port it to a Microsoft platform that allows only C#. (In theory it allows any language that compiles to verifiably type-safe .NET Compact Framework bytecode, but in practice that means C#.) How would I go about making and maintaining that port so that fixes to defects in the logic of the version on the original platform propagate to the version on the Microsoft platform ?

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