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Comment: Webcam in the restaurant (Score 2) 181

I came here to learn about Modern IP Webcams.

There is no need for a debate about how to run a restaurant.

Unless, perhaps, you need a Modern IP Webcam to collect evidence of food mishandling in the kitchen or (in the case of fast food) violence at the counter.

Comment: All maximized all the time (Score 1) 110

by tepples (#48949161) Attached to: Dell Continues Shipping Fresh Linux Laptops

Dell would be stupid to put Ubuntu on touchscreens. For those, they should use Android itself.

Window management in Android OS is designed to display a single application maximized. This works for 4 to 8 inch screens of phones and tablets, not so much for 13 inch or larger screens of laptops, where people expect to view applications side by side. Change this behavior and your customers will lose access to Google Play Store.

Comment: VAT isn't in US sticker prices (Score 2) 110

by tepples (#48949131) Attached to: Dell Continues Shipping Fresh Linux Laptops

and me being in the UK probably means it'll either not appear on the UK dell site or be a dollar to pound conversion

Currently 1 GBP is worth about 1.50 USD. Sales tax is much higher in the UK and other EU countries than in the US, and included in the sticker price in the UK and other EU countries unlike in the US. This accounts for about 0.30 USD of the difference. The other 0.20 USD, if any, is probably shipping from North America and the increased warranty requirements of the EU.

Comment: Newer apps expect beefier hardware (Score 2) 410

by tepples (#48946845) Attached to: How, and Why, Apple Overtook Microsoft

iPhone 4s was a $600 phone. Now you can get a much better device for under $50.

A $50 phone doesn't help if the current versions of applications don't run well on a $50 phone. Sure, applications from roughly the iPhone 4s era would have run well, but these applications have since been replaced with newer versions that expect beefier hardware to be available. (See Wirth's law.)

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