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Comment: With mods? (Score 1) 118

by tepples (#49142913) Attached to: The State of Linux Gaming In the SteamOS Era

What the world is really waiting for is a console that acts like a dedicated PC gaming machine

You could always buy an iBuyPower SBX PC.

If the XBOX or PS4 (as well as game developers) would just take the mouse and keyboard seriously you could transform the entire landscape of console gaming to be much more in line with PC gaming.

Would this include ability to install and use community-developed mods, or would only the vanilla versions of games be available?

Comment: Re:Stranded somewhere because B+ (Score 1) 256

by tepples (#49142861) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Parental Content Control For Free OSs?


Payphones have, in fact, been disappearing.

And all the passerby's are total douches that won'e let someone borrow thier phone for one minute.

So now anybody who is concerned that someone might run off with your expensive phone or use your account for a drug deal is a "total douche". Or what am I missing?

Comment: Store the encrypted private key (Score 1) 267

by tepples (#49127985) Attached to: Moxie Marlinspike: GPG Has Run Its Course

Store the private key on the server, but encrypt it using a key derived from a passphrase. Script would then fetch the encrypted private key from the server and decrypt it using the passphrase entered by the user. The NSA would have to crack your passphrase to get your private key, just as it would if it seized your workstation.

Comment: Correctly used is the problem with Web of Trust (Score 1) 267

by tepples (#49127767) Attached to: Moxie Marlinspike: GPG Has Run Its Course

The Web Of Trust should make TLAs subversion near impossible, if correctly used.

There's the rub. How are you sure that nobody whose key you have signed in the past has since been compromised by the NSA, by Alzheimer's dementia, or by some other affliction that breaks the assumption of "correctly used"?

Comment: Re:Same error, repeated (Score 1) 267

by tepples (#49127689) Attached to: Moxie Marlinspike: GPG Has Run Its Course

S/MIME relies on centralized key servers [which are] extremely desirable points of attack.

As are the individual members of the "strong set" in PGP's web of trust, which as I understand it is made of people who can afford to travel to key-signing parties in foreign countries.

there's no equivalent to PGP's web of trust

I've had two problems with the concept of PGP's web of trust. One is that just because you can vouch for someone's identity doesn't necessarily mean you can vouch for that person's ability to vouch for others' identities. Another is that if you yourself don't travel to foreign key-signing parties, good luck finding multiple independent paths through the trust graph between you and someone with whom you are corresponding. All this trust has to flow through this "strong set".

Comment: Re:Forced waiting (Score 1) 81

by tepples (#49127591) Attached to: YouTube Kids Launches On Android and iOS

You assume it's necessary to show an ad before every video.

If the partner uploader or the Content ID claimant has specified "Do not allow this video to be shown without an advertisement" on a particular video, then it is necessary.

If the video isn't long enough to insert an ad after, just don't show one until the next video has been viewed.

That would violate Google's contracts with YouTube partners and Content ID claimants.

Comment: Re:Copyright issue? (Score 1) 283

by tepples (#49127411) Attached to: Google Knocks Explicit Adult Content On Blogger From Public View

Yes, you can sideload, but that cuts down your visibility tremendously, and sideloading these kind of apps is already sort of questionable, given they're very ripe vectors for getting malware on Android

Which creates an opportunity for a third-party app store for Android devices that specializes in malware-free porn.

Comment: Start your own host (Score 1) 283

by tepples (#49120981) Attached to: Google Knocks Explicit Adult Content On Blogger From Public View

You could prove it by starting your own hosting entity and putting up canary pages about the state's lack of official action thus far. You wouldn't be able to prove that the state has specifically done it to Google, but you could at least prove that the state is doing something.

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