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by tepples (#47717167) Attached to: Study: Seals Infected Early Americans With Tuberculosis
I assume this is an allusion to the folk tale "The Seal Wife" (#4080 on the Christiansen list) about a "selkie" (someone from an indigenous culture that makes swimsuits from sealskins) who washes up on an island on the north side of Scotland. She takes off her swimsuit and sets it aside, but a fisherman steals it. Stockholm syndrome ensues.

Comment: Multi-window and focused activity (Score 1) 309

by tepples (#47716781) Attached to: Linus Torvalds: 'I Still Want the Desktop'

"Linux on the Desktop" is called Chrome or Android and the "desktop" is wherever we are instead of a jumble of wires connected to a monitor.

Perhaps "Linux on the multi-window desktop" or "Linux on the desktop in a focused activity setting" is a more precise of what some people mean. The Android ecosystem, from the CDD on up, is staunchly opposed to rich window management, instead preferring a paradigm of all maximized all the time that makes it hard to work on one document while referring to another document.

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Well first of all Linus has never been overly concerned with market share, just building a technically damn good kernel

Without a substantial usage share, it's hard to find affordable hardware on which to run "a technically damn good kernel".

and no absurd limits being pushed in any direction.

Other than the political limits of obtaining cooperation from hardware manufacturers and application developers.

Comment: SMTP; Alice v. CLS (Score 1) 95

by tepples (#47714037) Attached to: How Patent Trolls Destroy Innovation
Even if you ignore prior art from 1982, the Supreme Court of the United States recently decided Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank to strike down treatment of "with a computer" as an inventive step. I'm not a lawyer, but I'd recommend that nonpracticing entities reconsider their business plans in light of the opinion of the Court.

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