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by tepples (#47779659) Attached to: Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

Will I need to buy a car to get a job?

To get one? Probably not

I understand that the first interview is conducted over the phone or Skype (I have both) and the second in person. Do candidates commonly ride Greyhound to and from this second interview? Or should candidates expect to endure the sexual overtones of U.S. airport security theater such as Rapiscan and enhanced patdowns?

Admittedly in some big cities you wouldn't need one as much, but locations vary

Currently I use a bicycle in a (probably different) midwestern town to commute to and from the office where I work as a web application programmer.

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Skirts below full length became very popular in England during WWII [as] a sign that you were doing your bit for the war effort

That explains it. Thank you.

I was taught that one ought to cover oneself from the shoulders down to at least the knees.

By whom and according to what logic.

At least Mormonism and Islam teach this minimum standard of modesty in order to ensure that the shape of one's privates remains covered so as to divert attention from sex. I guess knees covered by modest shorts (not Daisy Dukes though) are fine.

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She shouldn't have worn that short skirt.

I agree that it's not a justification for sexual assault, but still: Why do women wear skirts that leave the knees bare? I was taught that one ought to cover oneself from the shoulders down to at least the knees.

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by tepples (#47773167) Attached to: Indiana University Researchers Get $1 Million Grant To Study Memes
Emacs vs. vi vs. viper-mode fence sitters, GNOME vs. KDE, Bill Gates as a Borg, Get Some Priorities (after a major natural disaster or terrorist attack), Less space than a Nomad, .page .widening, my UID is lower than yours, Stephen King is dead, You fail it, You insensitive clod, early versions of Mac OS X (later Windows Vista) taking 20 minutes to copy a 17 MB file, will we see it before Duke Nukem Forever (which became "before Valve releases 3" once DNF finally came out), "Taco snotting" and other slashfic, RTFA (read the fucking article) and its bowdlerization to "the featured article"...

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I want scanlines that actually look like they're on a CRT (simulating how bright and dim scanlines are different sizes)

That can be done in a shader by starting with linear interpolation and varying the gamma on different output scanlines, with a lighter gamma near the center of each input line and a darker gamma between input lines. The darker gamma will stay dark unless an adjacent scanline is light, at which point the signal bleeds over into the higher response part of the gamma curve.

It's surprising to me that nobody has stuck an FPGA between a composite input and an HDMI output and stuck a CRT simulating pixel shader in the middle.

It's not surprising because such a product would be extremely niche.

I've got a bad feeling about this.