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Comment: Every iPhone poops because it isn't an Android (Score 1) 62

by tepples (#47711523) Attached to: YouTube Music Subscription Details Leak

Sure it doesn't mean "bend over and give us all your personal information," like having to disclose your real name in a Google+ public profile in order to be allowed to comment on a YouTube video? Or perhaps it just means birthday.

Which brings me to a song by Bad Lip Reading with lyrics "Everybody poops and if they don't they're an Android and should be destroyed." This is sold on iTunes but also on Amazon, which also runs an Android app store. I'm not sure with which platform this song's theme fits. On the one hand, "Android [...] should be destroyed" fits in with the dream of Steve Jobs to go thermonuclear on Android. On the other hand, the implication that every other smartphone OS "poops" could be taken either way.

Comment: Anecdote (Score 1) 151

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I recently had to get my cable TV fixed, as the cable box wasn't syncing for more than a minute after being plugged in. After about six calls the "customer account executive" finally determined that I should bring the box in and swap it. During the last of these six calls, the rep asked me if I wanted to upgrade to 105 Mbps Internet. I told him my computers are too low-end to make good use of that, and when I see speed problems, it's usually on the other side. I forget what else I had to embellish my "no thanks" with to get him to back off.

Comment: Vote with your feet, literally (Score 1) 119

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Sure, I'd be pissed if [TWC or Verizon DSL] or both were dropped by Netflix, but I can't switch to anyone else.

If the Internet connection where you live has become unusable, you could always switch to somewhere else. Compare this: I imagine a lot of people would like to move to a rural area, but they like the Internet more than they like the country.

Comment: Opposition to a penny more per year (Score 1) 119

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most netflix customers use it as a secondary service. it's the tiny percentage of cord cutters

Among some members of my family, I've detected a Grover Norquist mentality against any increase in entertainment spending. To afford another $120 per year recurring fee, they'd have to cut out something else. Cord cutters in countries where over-the-top video on demand (OTT VOD) services such as Hulu and Netflix are available recognize that everything but the "festering pile of social ills" that is televised sports is available on OTT VOD.

Comment: Conduit lease (Score 2) 119

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One problem leading to broadband monopoly is city ownership of city roads. What alternative would you recommend? The only one I can think of is burying a few conduits in advance when performing other utility maintenance, and then leasing each individual conduit to an ISP to blow its own fiber or copper.

Comment: Re:Non-monetized platforms (Score 1) 62

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Yes, the Wii U has an ARM processor used as an I/O processor, but games actually run on a separate multi-core application processor derived from a PowerPC G3. Conceptually it resembles the ARM9/ARM7 setup of the DS, PowerPC/ARM setup of the original Wii, or the big.LITTLE setup that ARM is trying to push in mobile.

But I was referring only to YouTube policy. Thanks for testing the video.

Comment: Re:External expansion through USB (Score 1) 194

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Hmm, I have USB ports on my Chromebooks too, and USB drives, mice and the like work fine.

Is this just USB flash drives and hard drives or also USB optical drives?


Webcam's built in.

I was referring to external cameras, so that you don't have to point your laptop at something to take a picture.

Printers aren't a problem either

For one thing, a PC supports more brands of printer than a Chromebook. If your printer isn't "Cloud Ready", you need to own a PC and have it turned on.

the stuff just runs through your local router, it's not like it bounces off a remote server.

Have you a source for that? This source states that you cannot print while offline.

I'm not sure what ISP you're on where you have a monthly limit

I'm on Comcast, which has a 300 GB/mo cap. My cousin's dad is on satellite because he lives out of the service area of cable and DSL, and satellite has a 10 GB/mo cap except for bulk downloads during the early morning.

but if you're in that boat a network based thin client isn't exactly a smart choice anyway.

The problem comes when companies stop making 10" laptops that aren't thin clients.

Most dads aren't looking for high end sound cards and state of the art games.

Even games that aren't "state of the art" can break the deal if they happen not to have been ported.

And if you really want Linux, run Crouton.

Does putting a Chromebook in developer mode void the warranty on the hardware? I don't want to have to buy a new Chromebook if it develops a broken hinge or an unusably loose charging port a week after I put it in developer mode.

About 90% of what you want is available on a Chromebook. If you need something in the 10%, well, buy a PC

The deal is that everybody has a different 10 percent: whether it be video editing, or web development, or playing games that use a joystick, or whatever.

Comment: Non-monetized platforms (Score 1) 62

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however the former issue about videos "not being available on mobile" is not a problem while using the stock YouTube app.

It was some time ago when I used the stock YouTube apps for Android and iOS. I don't currently own a Wii U on which to test, but I have read a policy document stating that YouTube allows the partner uploader or a Content ID claimant to block videos from being viewed on "non-monetized platforms". Does "1-800-KIRBYCIDE", a popular fan video for "Doctor Online" by Zeromancer, play on Wii U?

Comment: iTunes-only artists (Score 1) 62

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Personally I have been baffled why Google hasn't heavily promoted its own sales of songs on youtube over that of itunes.

Because there are plenty of bands whose music is for sale on iTunes Store but not Google Play. For example, last time I checked, "Bück dich" by Rammstein was on iTunes Store (US) but not on Google Play (US).

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