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Comment Original Mac fonts' copyrights have expired (Score 2) 155

The article states that some countries recognize exclusive rights in typefaces for terms ranging from 14 to 25 years. Monaco and the other original Mac fonts came out in 1984.

Digital outline fonts (.ttf, .otf) are subject to ordinary copyright as computer programs because there is more room for originality in control point placement and hint programming.

Comment Re:Minecraft (Score 1) 112

But in order to get Minecraft or Cave Story or any of the other solo success stories onto game consoles everywhere

Have a look at the nowhere demos.

From the FAQ:

The final game will run on all three major platforms, just like the Codex of Indie Game Development that I just made up demands it. We release alpha builds for Windows, Linux and OS X, with a new build available to founders ideally every two weeks, if a major feature doesn't require more time.

I see nothing about a console port. My point is that it takes a larger team to shepherd a game through console makers' bureaucracy.

Comment Re:Cancel or Allow? (Score 1) 237

Why not just allow for Skype and Ok Google, but disallowed for any other generic website unless a request is popped up and accepted?

Agreed. The user would place Skype and the like under "Background access", but "any other generic website" would get "Temporary foreground access" with a pop-up to change the policy. The problem comes when users aren't given a way to say "Yes, this site has a legit reason to use my sensors, so quit bugging me," or when each site operator has to register with each browser publisher to enable the "quit bugging me" options.

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