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Comment: Balanced for a different velocity (Score 1) 130

by tepples (#47730971) Attached to: It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights

Your city's stoplights are balanced for a different speed.

Or they are balanced for the same speed in a different direction. On a two-way street whose signals are timed for 30 mph eastbound at a particular part of the day, westbound traffic is going to have a problem.

Or perhaps they are balanced for a different speed, the speed of the type of vehicle driven by the majority. Most signals are timed for people who drive cars, which means cyclists tend to hit more reds.

Comment: Specialist periodicals (Score 1) 235

by tepples (#47730785) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

Notability on Wikipedia requires a non-dedicated source to notice it.

Where does that appear in policy? All I see is "independent of the subject". In your example, so long as Fountain Pen has developed a reputation for fact-checking in the field of fountain pens, and Fountain Pen's publisher isn't owned by the maker of Nemosine's pens, this counts as an independent reliable source. Two more of those and you have notability.

it's a fountain pen magazine; it's dedicated to the topic, thus not notable.

I haven't seen that. Articles in scholarly journals and in other specialist periodicals get cited all the time.

Comment: New sources may exist; use those (Score 1) 235

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Try these steps. First, find sources for a new article on the Internet. There may already be a list of such sources in the entry on the requested articles page. Second, write a new article that site's feeds reliable sources. Third, ask for a history-only undeletion of the previous article "behind" the current one. Finally, integrate the information that was in the last revision of the deleted article.

Comment: Notability cannot decrease (Score 2) 235

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the person from a century ago might not be as notable to people today

That's not how it works. Something becomes notable when unaffiliated reliable sources have covered it. This notability, if established, does not decrease over time. Such a decrease would require the existing reliable sources to stop existing. The reason Wikipedia has a notability requirement in the first place is that an article about a non-notable subject has no reliable sources that it can cite about anything.

Comment: White hat application to cycling (Score 1) 130

by tepples (#47728341) Attached to: It's Easy To Hack Traffic Lights
So can cyclists use this to proceed through an intersection with miscalibrated vehicle sensors without having to wait several minutes for a motor vehicle to pull up behind? I don't know about other countries, but not every US state has a dead red law allowing one to proceed with caution through a malfunctioning signal.

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