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Comment Re: Couch multiplayer (Score 1) 121 121

At this point, you'd want to either A. put your gaming PC in the living room or B. stream the game

My computer isn't even really considered a gaming computer yet even it has an HDMI jack on it so I can plug a 80" screen into it.

I'll take that as an A. ;-)

Why would we crowd around the desk?

A few years ago, I collected eight comments from other users who were unwilling to put a gaming PC in the living room. The market may changed substantially in the past few years since comments like those were posted; if so, what has spurred this change?

Comment Re:Sticking with a 1982 design (Score 1) 640 640

why are computer numeric keypads and phone keypads reversed from each other?

DTMF keypads have 1 on top because 9 was next to 0 on rotary dial telephones, in turn because 0 was encoded as ten pulses. Computer numeric keypads are descended from mechanical adding machines, which have higher numbers up top.

Another "standard" that bothers me: In the transition to digital video, they had the chance to do away with the PAL/NTSC dual-standard nonsense... but they still chose to support both 50 and 60 FPS video?!?

Mostly for movies (which may be 24 or 25 fps per country) and upscaled SD programs embedded in a high-definition stream. Also for the same reason as DVD and BD region coding, namely to continue to enforce decades-old territorial exclusive licenses that specify the "PAL region" (mostly defined as Europe, Australia, and New Zealand).

Comment Re:Definitely not the least used key (Score 1) 640 640

I press Alt+SysRq+REISUB, waiting for disk activity to end after each key, maybe once every few months to reboot a wedged Linux PC. Some PC games use the Pause key for its labeled purpose. And someone else wrote a comment to this story suggesting making a PC game that uses Scroll Lock to keep thieves from stealing items in your tool belt (hotbar).

Comment Sleep key on a laptop (Score 1) 640 640

To be fair though, putting power and sleep buttons on the keyboard was a monumentally stupid idea. It's far too easy to accidentally hit them.

If they're placed in proper positions on a keyboard, how are they any easier to hit than the corresponding keys on a laptop? In any case, I have my keyboard's sleep key bound to "Ask what to do" (shutdown, restart, log out, or lock and suspend).

Comment Laptop, you insensitive clod (Score 1) 640 640

I've long wanted a game where you are a wizard, and thieves steal your scrolls, unless you Scroll Lock.

That's fine until you get players using laptops. Imagine the following question in your game's support ticket system or in Arqade:

How do I lock my scrolls?

How do I keep thieves from stealing my scrolls? The game's manual says push the Scroll Lock key on the keyboard. But I'm playing on a Dell [model redacted] laptop whose keyboard doesn't have a Scroll Lock key.

[sparlock] [pc]

Comment Couch multiplayer (Score 3, Interesting) 121 121

generally if you have a "gaming computer" you're going to want to use it directly over any other device even if streaming were perfect.

True for single-player or online play, not so much if the game supports local multiplayer. At this point, you'd want to either A. put your gaming PC in the living room or B. stream the game from your gaming PC to the device connected to the TV. Otherwise, you're all stuck crowding around a desk.

Comment Re:No kidding. (Score 1) 253 253

How many popular web apps can you name that completely separate the back end and the front end and provide documentation for users to talk directly to the back end and substitute their own UI or amalgamate the data with that from other services?

I can't count every web site that has an API, but examples include Amazon, eBay, and Twitter.

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