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Comment: Re:Doesn't really matter (Score 2, Interesting) 370

by tennesseejim (#27761299) Attached to: Is Apache Or GPL Better For Open-Source Business?
GPL vs. Apache really does matter a great deal. I work for a very large (15 billion) dollar news and information corp. Apache licensed projects are aok to use for any of our products. GPL is strictly verboten by our legal division. Like it or not, GPL precludes the retention of corporate IP, even if the libraries are used unmodified. I would encourage any open source projects that want to be considered in mainstream (for profit) IT shops to use an Apache or an Apache style license.

Comment: Storage media less important that process (Score 1) 287

by tennesseejim (#27591061) Attached to: Online Storage For Lawyers?
The type of storage that is used is not really important. What is important is that the restore procedure is tested. There is no reason floppies would not be ok (Although a CDR would be more modern). The key is TEST THE RESTORE PROCEDURE regularly. A backup is not a backup until it is verified.

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