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+ - Putting the TSA on notice->

Submitted by tengu1sd
tengu1sd (797240) writes "From the "Better Dead than Red" file, John Tyner shares his recent experience with a TSA checkpoint. I remember when this country's policy was Scorched Earth before submitting to the tyranny of petty bureaucrats, secret regulations, and government gulags. Is it time to tell the government to get off our lawns? The movement against heavy handed security theater is off to an early start."
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+ - Targeting Your Privacy

Submitted by tengu1sd
tengu1sd (797240) writes "Target, the red and white retailer, is reported to have started collecting customer information by Information Week. Clerks are swiping driver's licenses for select purchases. Target has provided no comment on how this information is used, stored and secured once they have your number. The worsts case of course would be having your driver's license information and credit card data transmitted in the clear over the store's wireless network. I don't have more than $firstname and $lastname printed on my checks, and vendors that want to write additional info because "that's the way we do things" just lost a sale. At least the credit card companies try to audit vendors. Imagine how attractive a target driver's license data makes. Name, address, birth date, some states record SSNs."

+ - Election HiJinks with Voting Machines->

Submitted by tengu1sd
tengu1sd (797240) writes "Wired reports an recent election In Arkansas was reversed after auditing touch-screen voting machines made by Election Systems & Software. An election commissioner in Faulkner County is baffled by a problem that occurred with two voting machines in this month's general state elections. The machines allocated votes cast in one race to an entirely different race that wasn't even on the electronic ballot. The problem resulted in the wrong candidate being declared victor in a state House race. Only a recount and paper trail allowed reconstruction of votes cast. The commission will conduct an audit "to find out what went wrong" and ensure the mistakes made Tuesday night never happen again according to the Log Cabin Democrat. At least until the next election anyway.

Any chance of reading the card results for the presidential races now?"

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+ - Best Buy Lawyer Discovered Editing Documents

Submitted by tengu1sd
tengu1sd (797240) writes "A new chapter in the Best Buy Saga. Everyone's favorite vendor may have it's head in a noose. . . . revelations about the actions of Minneapolis attorney Timothy Block do not bode well for the company. The lawsuit, filed in 2003, accuses Best Buy of signing up at least 100,000 customers for trial subscriptions to Microsoft Corp.'s MSN Internet service from 1999 to 2003, in many cases without their knowledge. Once the trial period ended, the customers began incurring credit card charges they had not approved. He's accused of altering documents during discovery. Is Tim falling on his sword and taking one for the team and is Best Buy trying pull another over us?"

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