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Comment Re:Ministry of JUSTIVE prevents access to INTERNET (Score 1) 59

How does committing crimes "prove that the system is a failure"?

That depends on the nature of the "crime". If you had been incarcerated for possessing or selling a bit of weed, engaging in a peaceful protest, being Aaron Swartz, Living While Black, or simply pissing off the wrong LEO, then you too would likely feel that the system had failed. And you'd be right in that assessment. And there are cycles of poverty and hopelessness, (absolute breeding grounds for all kinds of violent anti-social behaviours), which are allowed to continue and sometimes even actively perpetuated by governments, law-enforcement agencies, and the attitudes of society-at-large. Again, FAIL.

Unless you are of the "it can't be my fault, the system is to blame" crowd.

No, it ain't always the system's fault, and personal responsibility and awareness are always to be encouraged and expected. But there are an awful lot of people in prison through no fault of their own, and a whole lot more who are there largely because of the contributory negligence of the society they live in. And the way most of them are being treated while in prison is pretty much a guarantee that they'll truly be bad-ass criminals when they are released - even if they were very minor criminals, or not criminals at all, when they were tossed in jail.

Comment Re:Cluster Headaches????? (Score 1) 341

Cluster headaches are kinda weird. Some of them just happen, some of them have triggers. A friend of mine suffers from them... triggers for him include various nitrates/nitrites used in preserving food (no pickles, commercial jerky, etc), MSG and other "flavor enhancers", chocolate, alcohol, and the bad part for him most narcotics. When he gets on a hard cycle of them, sometimes the only thing he can do is get to an ER and a doc who is willing to give him a massive dose of demerol - enough to keep him out for 6-8 hours, or enough time to break the headache cycle *and* the headache the narcs give him.

Comment Re: Will Apple be able to spec/source a good OLED? (Score 1) 190

No, these arw characgeristic of OLEDs.

LCDs have their own problems:

- Backlight leakage
- "Bright" and "dark" edges (relative to backlight edge)
- Dim corners (usujally just one, due to slight LCD warping)


The iPad Air IZGO display had tons of problems at first, too. I remember seeing them at a store and thinking, "geez, there's not a single good display in this entirew row of iPad Air units."

But that doesn't absolve OLED of its problems. I think for me the big issues arew the color cast issues. The pink/green gradient is probably the worst, followed by the yellow color cast esp. when dim and the uneven whites (usually not visible in when colors are being displayed).

Comment The problem... (Score 3, Insightful) 341

The problem I see with this - and base this statement on first hand experience - is that you either tend to be very distracted and always looking at the next thing, or you tend to be incredible focused on one single thing for a very long time.

Granted, dosing wasn't an exact science and far from measured, much less consistency of product between uses. And the only "micro" part of any dose I did was when a friend found some 15+ year old purple microdots when he was moving (they still worked, sorta... only had a couple and there were 4 or 5 of us sharing them and we all ended up adding some blotter to our systems to really get going)

Comment Will Apple be able to spec/source a good OLED? (Score 5, Interesting) 190

I'm actually a fan of OLED displays when they're perfect, yes, even the bright colors.

But dammit it's hard to find a really good *actual* OLED display in an *actual* unit.

Went through five phones before I got a Note 4 with a good display. Went through four Galaxy Tab S units to find a good one new out of the box. Let's see, what are the problems encountered in the various and sundry displays?

- Strong yellow cast, like ridiculously strong
- Pink/green gradient, usually from corner to corner, with "white" only in display center
- Uneven brightness, i.e. dark "splotches" on white backgrounds or "dark gradients" at one edge of the screen to about 1-2" in from bezel
- Terrible pixelation/pixel noise at low brightness, not unlike digital camera "noise" in low-light exposures
- Burn-in (even in supposedly factory-new devices)

Either QC or the production process or both appear to be nearly fatally flawed for Samsung, and they're currently the biggest shipper of OLED screens in gadgets, and have had years of experience. You'd think they'd have it sorted out by now.

I love the *potential* of OLED, but it seems like for the most part right now, attempts to actually ship them in consumer devices leave a lot to be desired.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 455

Of course it's not. That's an absolutely retarded thing to say.

Standard of living doesn't include wondering every day if the government is going to take all your possessions on some pretext. Standard of living doesn't include not being able to access random websites because the government doesn't like what they say. Standard of living doesn't include imprisoned journalists, and the chilling effect that has on reporting.

Standard of living doesn't include how much or how little security you have in the knowledge that the police can't bust into your house without at least convincing a judge they have a good reason. And finally, standard of living -- at least as measured as GDP per capita or net income per capita -- doesn't take into account the fact that getting more money, like most all things, has a decreasing marginal return in its effect on one's happiness.

Comment Though there *is* a question re: interest conflict (Score 1) 455

With regard to the issue of dealers, I'm not sure that it's just electric cars they don't want to sell.

In 2013 I was in the market for a gasoline-powered automobile. Did my research, selected a make and model. It wasn't the most common car on the planet, but it also wasn't extremely rare (a mainstream Japanese car). I identified three dealerships in the metropolitan area that, according to their websites, had a model on the lot.

I could not for the life of me get them to give me a test drive. The first dealership I visited, the salesman said they'd "lost the key" to that particular car and I couldn't test drive it or buy it that day, I'd have to come back "later." (He couldn't tell me just when "later" was.) But he put on the *very* hard sell for two other models.

The second dealership, they claimed to have lost the car, period. No, not on the lot, they said. The third dealership, they claimed that I didn't really want that model, it wasn't reliable. When I pressed, they told me that their (brand new 2013) instance was in the shop, that's how bad it is. "Honestly," they didn't want to sell me the marque's "worst model." *They* were looking out for *me*, you see. Which is why they really, really wanted to put me in this *other* model in the showroom....

I finally bought one online and had it driven in from out of state. It's been a great car and performed as expected with the features I needed.

I don't know exactly what was going on when I was trying to make my vehicle purchase, but to me it screamed "conflict of interest" as they clearly didn't want to serve me, the customer, by selling me a product that I came for and that they clearly *had*.

Comment Re:This is nothing but good (Score 1) 121

Except they're not at all competitive. It would be like a bicycle company saying their bicycle just one-upped the Tesla Model 3 in range and price. Technically true, but what people want is a car not a bicycle and improved electric bicycles won't offer much competition to a mass produced electric car. That's not to say both aren't cool in their own way but the only real company that is seeing competition from Blue Origin at the moment is Virgin Galactic and the SpaceShipTwo. However Virgin Galactic and Rutan already accomplished years ago what BO did today.

What this might do though is give BO a good boost of revenue towards making truly competitive hardware that does do something more useful than give wealthy sightseers a bucket list checkmark.

Comment pearson & cleartext passwords (Score 1) 25

Not sure on the PearsonVUE side, but the regular Pearson Learning - for access to their publisher created resources/course content - stores passwords as clear text.

I've reported it as a BIG issue to our local sales rep and the regional boss rep, but I don't think anything has been done about it.

Comment Re: Micropayments? (Score 2) 219

Well, part of it is that even a small payment can still incur a psychologically large cost. If each user post here on /. cost one cent to read, would you want to have them load automatically? Probably not, many of them are not worth that much, and you could quickly run up a bill of a few hundred dollars a year on that sort of thing from this site alone. So instead you'd have to take more time to think about what was worth spending even a little on, because it adds up and the price doesn't really match the value to you of the thing you'd be paying for.

Something similar happens when people have metered or capped Internet usage compared to at least nominally unlimited usage.

You really can't avoid this problem unless the micropayment is so small that it is likely not worth the cost to implement. I suppose if I knew that a year's worth of micro payments for me, for everything I use, was no more than about a dollar a year in total, it wouldn't be so much that it would feel like I was wasting money on the Internet. But because the average user doesn't want to spend a noticeable amount ever, and there really aren't that many users in comparison to sites, the resulting pie of money wouldn't be much to split up. (Especially once you reduce the amount to account for lower average incomes elsewhere in the world)

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