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Comment Re:Bugs mistaken as features? (Score 1) 98

Features like that wouldn't be so bad if there were a way to isolate their use. For example, ordinary Perl files could be .pl and not allowed to change the language. Perl files that mucked with the language in various ways would be required to have a .pld (Perl Language Definition) suffix. That way you could make rules like, "No PLD files in this project" or "only Joe has permission to change the PLD and you'd better have a damned good reason for asking him to change it".

There are legit reasons to modify the language, create DSLs and code in them, etc. It's just like how there are legit reasons to have Howitzers in the army, but you don't just turn them over to PFCs straight out of boot and say, "here, figure this out".

Comment Re:Who? (Score 1) 556

You want some harsh criticism? And some direct, blunt communication?

People don't scare quote "hetero", because it's the antonym of "homo-". So why the hell are you scare quoting "cis-" when it's the antonym of "trans-"? This is basic Latin, and if you didn't take Latin, then it's basic Chem, and if you didn't take basic Chem, then GET OFF MY INTERNET.

Unless you're going to argue that transgendered/transsexual people don't exist, then stop scare quoting "cis-" like it's some sort of boogie word. It's the natural choice for referring to individuals who are not "trans-". And if "trans" is a word, then "cis" is a word. Just like "hetero" and "homo".

Don't like it? TOUGH! That's how language works.

Comment Re:Waaaahhhhh!! (Score 2) 556

You are incorrect.

Did Linus say, "I hope you eat dicks and die you fag?"

Did Linus say, "You're a shit programmer for thinking up something like this?"

Did Linus say, "Go to hell you moron?"

No. He did not personally insult the developer in any way. He made a rude comment about a company -- which doesn't have feelings -- to get his point across. The poster of that patch has no reason to be personally offended. The comment was about his work, not him as a human being.

Comment A few counter examples don't disprove the general (Score 4, Insightful) 262

I'm sure you can find plenty of teams of rockstar coders who can scale in amazing ways. Unfortunately, this does not apply to teams of average programmers. An average programmer knows how to code but is typically much less intuitive about how their components impact other developers. To deal with this, you need to do all this up-front design work that it entirely serial (not scalable) and takes a substantial portion of the total development time.

Comment I think that cookie-cutter approaches are useless, (Score 1) 861

not just for the question of how a contributor should be treated, but also for the question of how a leader should act.

If a leader is able to get world-beating results by being an asshole, then so be it. That leader has beaten the world, and I am not going to quibble with success. If a leader is an asshole and subpar output is the result, then by all means, tell them to treat their team differently.

Team dynamics are a complicated thing. You just don't fuck with a winning team. If they are using four letter words all the time and sacrificing live chickens at midnight, but the results are running circles around everyone else, I for one do not want them to stop, even if it would save a chicken's life.

At the same time, if they are doing all of these things and the results are uneven or poor, then by all means, change the behavior.

In this case, I'd say that the results of Linux kernel development speak for themselves. And if you just don't belong in the culture, then go somewhere else. If the culture starts to be counterproductive, give the world a great, big "I told you so!" and collect your profits on the book deal. But otherwise, to expect people to fuck up a successful operation for your feelings, for manners, or for high-minded ethics concerns is just bad juju. It's not lawyering or doctoring, ethical concerns are not front and center. It's software. The goal is that it works and works well, and in fact that's the highest ethical aspiration *of* software, given the many critical ways in which it gets used in today's world.

The value to the users is first. The comfort of the developers is second. If the culture and development process are working well, get the hell out of the way if you don't like them. As this person has done. So—problem solved.

Comment Re:Can't make this shit up (Score 5, Informative) 220

If it worked as intended it would have been a good deal.

$65m in "stolen" money as you call it (taxes).

$250k tickets * say 10,000 = $2,500,000,000 into the net economy. Let's say that 15% of that is operations that's still $375m back into the economy in the form of wages. You aren't going to find a 576% investment opportunity very often.

Furthermore those people would probably want to eat somewhere while in town and maybe even visit a shop or two which would further boost the local economy.

It was a sound plan, and I'm sure virgin would very much like to be making a ton of money as well but the part that failed was the fact that they didn't have more protections for the county in the event that say.. a rocket exploded and the business plan was put on hold for 10 years.

Comment Re:None of the people I know that Like this Show.. (Score 1) 372

None of the geeks I know watch TV.
They are too busy getting stuff done.

You don't know any geeks who watch Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead or...

I like the Big Bang Theory. It's not smart, it doesn't try to be smart but I find it plenty funny. Sure they laugh at the geeks, but they also laugh at the non-geeks. Geeks are getting pissed off because geeks are being made fun of but it's like South Park, there is nobody who is off limits so it's fine. The geeks are dumb and the regular people are neanderthals. Bafoonery is a old reliable source of comedy.

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