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Comment: Re: Hmm (Score 1) 167

by temcat (#49656699) Attached to: Texas Regulators Crack Down on App-Driven Hauling Service

I didn't. In addition, while being Russian myself, I do not see anything specifically Russian or American about the different ways of thinking exposed here. And yet what he says is valid. You should have a choice to say "it's my problem if my stuff is damaged or the driver disappears with it." And the danger of goods falling out etc., while real in some cases, is just an excuse for a government money grab here, because it's applied generally and does not exclude e.g. small items moved inside passenger cars. Taxes are also a different problem altogether.

Comment: Re:He got what he deserved. (Score 1) 317

this case of a russian stabbing himself 7 times

Of course, purely by conincidence, this "self-stabbing" occured in the context of a potential conflict with people from a certain Southern region of Russia who are known not to be very peaceful-minded and especially love knives.

+ - SoftMaker sponsors a paid developer for Thunderbird->

Submitted by martin-k
martin-k writes: Mozilla Thunderbird is used by millions of people as the e-mail client of choice. Even after Mozilla cut back their support, usage worldwide has been rising and continues to grow. German office-suite developer SoftMaker has now announced that it will pay for a full-time developer to participate in the Thunderbird project and help the Thunderbird volunteer developers fix bugs and add features. First topics include CardDav support and a rewrite of Thunderbird's addressbook. Disclosure: The submitter is head of SoftMaker.
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Comment: Re:Your justice system is flawed, too. (Score 1) 1081

by temcat (#49260667) Attached to: How To Execute People In the 21st Century

If you cannot successfully use some argument in a state court, it doesn't mean that the argument is invalid. If accepting some argument, however valid, can have disastrous consequences for the government, the latter just creates a framework where it can pretend that that argument is invalid.

(I'm not saying that there cannot be other, better arguments for income tax. It's just that the "social contract" is utter bullshit.)

Comment: 2+2=4 posted all over is spam, too (Score 1) 619

by temcat (#48998341) Attached to: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock

At least the Troll, Redundant, and Offtopic ratings have nothing to do with whether your points are right or wrong per se. So your spam gets rightly downmodded for what it is. I guess it's indeed hard to stop within the existing rules when somebody has no life and devotes all his time to spamming the comments with the same shit in the same obnoxious manner. But, as I said, I don't even need that now - you can feel free to continue your heroic but pointless fight, and it won't inconvenience me as all I'll ever see will be a single line with a small grey-colored bit of your boring diatribe. Still a waste of a line, of course, but the world is not perfect. Which apparently you have trouble getting over.

Comment: Re:You CAN'T prove apk is more like it (Score 1) 619

by temcat (#48996567) Attached to: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock

Nobody actually needs to prove APK wrong. Spamming is wrong - that's a given and doesn't require any proof.
Where it comes to modding, I personally rarely do it if at all, because it's too much hassle. (Though one of the Troll, Redundant, and Offtopic ratings is always justified for APK, depending on the situation.) I can maybe report spam, because that's what APK's posts are. But now I don't need to do that, either, because... I have to thank APK for one thing: I've recently discovered the joy of reading at a higher compound threshold. This optimal mode allows me to skip his multi-line drivel easily and readily see if some low-scored post is potentially interesting for me.
So have a nice day!

Comment: Re:Hosts = better on all those levels (& more) (Score 1) 619

by temcat (#48977869) Attached to: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock

Hehe, In APK's world, one can fail at something one didn't do.

I don't care whether APK is "right" about his hosts file thing, I just know for a fact that he's a flooder/spammer, and that's what's totally wrong about him. He just makes reading Slashdot at a low comment threshold much worse for people who aren't interested in his project or product. (And for those who are - I guess, one or two posts under an on-topic article is quite enough for them, too.)

OTOH, he seems to normally use subject line, so that's probably one way to spot and avoid his spam when reading at a higher threshold.

Comment: Re:Adding more to do less = stupid, Luckyo (Score 1) 183

by temcat (#48959637) Attached to: Telomere-Lengthening Procedure Turns Clock Back Years In Human Cells

He has a problem with delivering his messageâ"if that's his actual goal, which I'm not sure about. The form in which he tries to do it puts off from reading whatever he has to say, even though he may be perfectly right (I don't really care about his favorite topic).

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