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Comment What's the problem? (Score 1) 190

"Thou shalt not kill/perform highly invasive experiments on people" etc. is not absolute, despite what many believe. It's only there as long as at least one of the below conditions is true:

1) The individual in question, human by nature (not necessarily an actual "person"), has feelings, or can be reasonably hoped to have his/her feelings eventually restored in case he/she is in e.g. coma.
2) Somebody is attached to this individual, whatever his/her condition is, so they have feelings about him/her that can be hurt.

Neither is the case here.

Comment What a coincidence (Score 1) 35

Just heard a rumor that some (unspecified) carriers do the same here in Russia, and there are even rogue sites that bill unsuspecting users via the carrier account for visiting them. No idea if it's true or even possible technically/legally, but how do I protect myself from a carrier sending my account data to the site?

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