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Comment What a coincidence (Score 1) 35 35

Just heard a rumor that some (unspecified) carriers do the same here in Russia, and there are even rogue sites that bill unsuspecting users via the carrier account for visiting them. No idea if it's true or even possible technically/legally, but how do I protect myself from a carrier sending my account data to the site?

Comment Re:Let's be realistic... (Score 1) 468 468

I tested it—looks like an intermittent glitch. Wherever I insert m-dash as a character using an AHK hotkey, it works—it's only Slashdot that gives me problems from time to time. This may depend on the preceding character. Of course, I can insert an entity, but hey, isn't it 2015?

Comment Re:Let's be realistic... (Score 1) 468 468

I see this ninite.com thing advertised aggressively in Slashdot comments nowadays. After a quick look, the free version doesn't let me lock a program to a specific version, so if I update, I have to update all software that Ninite manages. Frankly, that sucksâ"much like Windows 10 that won't let me defer updates anymore.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 167 167

I didn't. In addition, while being Russian myself, I do not see anything specifically Russian or American about the different ways of thinking exposed here. And yet what he says is valid. You should have a choice to say "it's my problem if my stuff is damaged or the driver disappears with it." And the danger of goods falling out etc., while real in some cases, is just an excuse for a government money grab here, because it's applied generally and does not exclude e.g. small items moved inside passenger cars. Taxes are also a different problem altogether.

Comment Re:He got what he deserved. (Score 1) 317 317

this case of a russian stabbing himself 7 times

Of course, purely by conincidence, this "self-stabbing" occured in the context of a potential conflict with people from a certain Southern region of Russia who are known not to be very peaceful-minded and especially love knives.

Submission + - SoftMaker sponsors a paid developer for Thunderbird->

martin-k writes: Mozilla Thunderbird is used by millions of people as the e-mail client of choice. Even after Mozilla cut back their support, usage worldwide has been rising and continues to grow. German office-suite developer SoftMaker has now announced that it will pay for a full-time developer to participate in the Thunderbird project and help the Thunderbird volunteer developers fix bugs and add features. First topics include CardDav support and a rewrite of Thunderbird's addressbook. Disclosure: The submitter is head of SoftMaker.
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Comment Re:Your justice system is flawed, too. (Score 1) 1081 1081

If you cannot successfully use some argument in a state court, it doesn't mean that the argument is invalid. If accepting some argument, however valid, can have disastrous consequences for the government, the latter just creates a framework where it can pretend that that argument is invalid.

(I'm not saying that there cannot be other, better arguments for income tax. It's just that the "social contract" is utter bullshit.)

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