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Comment Re:Searching in scanned books (Score 1) 221

Do your high-quality Linux OCR solutions include one that allows me to:
1) select rectangular OCR areas of "image", "text", and "table" types for different OCR behavior;
2) add or subtract rectangular sub-areas to or from these areas;
3) OCR those areas while retaining basic character and paragraph formatting;
- and all of that using a stable GUI-based software?

I'm a professional technical translator who would like to be able to work on Linux. Being free as in speech/beer is not required, I'm prepared to pay the equivalent of FineReader price or slightly more. I did my own research recently, and none of the free or, bizarrely, proprietary stuff for Linux had all the required features. But I may have missed something.

Comment What's the problem? (Score 1) 190

"Thou shalt not kill/perform highly invasive experiments on people" etc. is not absolute, despite what many believe. It's only there as long as at least one of the below conditions is true:

1) The individual in question, human by nature (not necessarily an actual "person"), has feelings, or can be reasonably hoped to have his/her feelings eventually restored in case he/she is in e.g. coma.
2) Somebody is attached to this individual, whatever his/her condition is, so they have feelings about him/her that can be hurt.

Neither is the case here.

Comment Cannot think of a subject (Score 1) 284

Did my first real work as a technical translator on a 486 with 8MB RAM. The OS was a late version of Windows 95 (smth. like OSR2?), and Word 97 was used for text processing. BTW, I don't remember it blue-screening much, the system was pretty stable if slow-ish. I have pretty fond memories of that time.

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