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Submission + - MegaUpload: A Lot Less Guilty Than You Think-> 1 1

telekon writes: "Stanford Law School's Center for Internet and Society recently published this article questioning the legality of the MegaUpload raid, indictments, and extradition. A key issue is the conspiracy charges, as MegaUpload was not "directly infringing" copyright, but enabling/inducing others to infringe: "Is it a federal crime to conspire to induce others to violate a U.S. civil law? The answer to that is an obvious “no”. The conspiracy statute itself makes clear that the object of the conspiracy must be an offense or fraud against the United States, in other words, a federal crime.""
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Submission + - Are "Real Names" Policies an Abuse of Power?-> 1 1

telekon writes: "Microsoft researcher Danah Boyd argues in this article that "The people who most heavily rely on pseudonyms in online spaces are those who are most marginalized by systems of power."

This comes fresh on the heels of Facebook's Randi Zuckerburg arguing for online anonymity to be abolished."

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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Security Through Insanity?

telekon writes: I work for an educational institution which is heavily invested in Microsoft technologies, and which uses a certain popular vendor for its campus card system. I work in the department responsible for that system, and we're moving into a new era of R&D for interfacing to that system. But we're a UNIX shop in an MS world. Recently, I proposed creating a darknet within the general infrastructure for a secure network of student card kiosks since financial transactions will be occurring on this subnet, but there's an obstacle: "network security" will object to traffic they can't observe. My response was, "Well, we do everything over SSH or TLS as it is, what's the difference?" MY boss replied, you're not thinking like a Windows admin. I said, "God for bid I ever do..."
My question is, has anyone come up against this, and how do you respond?

Submission + - Too dumb to vote?-> 4 4

telekon writes: "In this op-ed piece, CNN commentator LZ Granderson makes the (radical?) suggestion that in order to vote, people should have a basic grasp of civics.

"We wouldn't issue a driver's license to someone unable to pass the written test, knowing the potential damage that person could do behind the wheel. Why do we look at voting differently?""

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Submission + - Kodak Relationshifft removes unwanted exes->

" rel="nofollow">telekon writes: "Tired of spending hours on Facebook untagging and deleting photos after every breakup? Pruning your Flickr stream too much of a hassle? Kodak has a solution. "We protect precious memories of the places you have been and the people you shared them with, minus the person with whom you just changed your relationship status — we call it Relationshiffft""
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Submission + - Factory to make biodiesel from chicken fat.->

telekon writes: "Tyson foods has finally found a use for chicken fat and leftover food grease that isn't McNuggets — they've partnered with Syntroleum to produce biodiesel from the stuff. Their first plant in Louisiana will be able to churn out 75 million gallons a year. The question is, will the exhaust smell like fried chicken? The Wall Street Journal has an article here, and NPR has a story here."
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