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+ - Big Brother alive & well in Sweden

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sharky writes "Sweden's government presented a plan Thursday to allow the government to use
data mining software to search for sensitive keywords in all phone and e-mail communication passing through cables or wires across the country's borders without a court order. /base/business-10/1173371950225620.xml&storylist=b usiness"

+ - Beer Tossing Fridge

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cmacdona101 writes "CNN is reporting on a recent Duke grad that's engineered a remote controlled Fridge that tosses him a beer at the touch of a button. The fridge can launch the beer up to 20 feet, far enough to get to his couch. The video shows the fridge using a "beer magazine clip" and a remote firing system that let you determine angles and ballistics to get the beer to your friends anywhere in the room."

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