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Comment: Re:play their game by their rules (Score 2) 99

by telchine (#46658703) Attached to: What's In a Username? the Power of Gamer Tags

Sometimes I go by the handle "a vehicle". Then when I kill someone, their screen says "you were killed by a vehicle". OMG how funny is that???!?!!!???!!! Sometimes even after the 100th time, I'm still falling off my chair, it's friggin' hilarious. I'm like the funniest dude in Halo with my supreme original sharp humor! OMG how 1337 am I?!?!!!!!

Comment: Re:It doesn't matter. (Score 1) 180

by telchine (#46236553) Attached to: 11-Year UK Study Reports No Health Danger From Mobile Phone Transmissions

There are still signs around the all of the pumps here banning use of a cell phone in a filling station. The current reasons is because they could cause a spark. Is there any evidence of this, or is it another feeling that's become true by repetition?

Well, as they say... no smoke without fire :p

Comment: Re:Wait... (Score 4, Funny) 81

You're posting this comment on a site that was once called "Chips and Dips".

It's still called Chips and Dips for me. I hated the change, so I resisted it as part of the FuckSlashdot campaign. I set up a personal proxy to automatically rebrand each page load back to Chips and Dips and it's been like that ever since!

+ - Alternatives to Slashdot post beta? 8

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Like many Slashdotters, I intend to stop visiting Slashdot after the beta changeover. After years of steady decline in the quality of discussions here, the beta will be the last straw. What sites alternative to Slashdot have others found? The best I have found has been, but it has been a while since I've looked for tech discussion sites."

+ - Slashdot BETA Discussion-> 60

Submitted by mugnyte
mugnyte (203225) writes "With Slashdot's recent restyled "BETA" slowly rolled to most users, there's been a lot of griping about the changes. This is nothing new, as past style changes have had similar effects. However, this pass there are significant usability changes: A narrower read pane, limited moderation filtering, and several color/size/font adjustments. BETA implies not yet complete, so taking that cue — please list your specific, detailed opinoins, one per comment, and let's use the best part of slashdot (the moderation system) to raise the attention to these. Change can be jarring, but let's focus on the true usability differences with the new style."
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Comment: Re:Not as bad as the reviews made it seem (Score -1, Troll) 178

by telchine (#46091005) Attached to: IBM's PC Junior Turns 30, Too

for the money you got a lot more than the other home computers: a floppy drive, a computer that had a real operating system, 128K of RAM!

This reads like a marketing thing for IBM. Do you work there? Have you been locked in the basement for 30 years. Dude, the year is 2014, IBM has long since become irrelevant in the home PC market. You can go home. Are they still paying you the salary?

Wikipedia says it only had 64KB RAM. The article says the Commodore 64 was half the price. Maybe that's why it failed.

Go get a job at Dell or something?

Comment: Re: Bad idea (Score 3, Funny) 64

by telchine (#45974499) Attached to: Robots Test Their Own World Wide Web

Bad idea? You mean that if someone passes purposefully incorrect or dangerous data into their RoboCloud that all of them will have access to this poisoned data at once?

Ah, but they've already figured this out. Only robots are allowed to upload to the RoboWeb. Users have to complete a CAPTCHA. If they get it right then they must be human and are therefore blocked from uploading.

Comment: Re:Bike helmet? (Score 1) 317

by telchine (#45974369) Attached to: Building a Better Bike Helmet Out of Paper

Personally, I'd be all for some (rational) TV or poster ads that said something like "cycling without a helmet? You're X times more likely to get a head injury"

The problem with that is that X = 0

Studies have shown that pedestrians are about as likely to get a head injury as cyclists.

Campaigns like the one you're up for suggest that cycling is dangerous - It isn't. Cyclists live longer than car drivers. TV and poster ads should be getting that message across if anything.

Comment: Re:Bike helmet? (Score 3, Informative) 317

by telchine (#45936123) Attached to: Building a Better Bike Helmet Out of Paper

Because it's the law in civilised nations such as Australia and New Zealand.

In the United Kingdom. HEAT suggests that a law making helmets compulsory for cyclists may result in an overall increase in 253 premature deaths – 265 extra deaths from reduced cycling less 12 deaths saved among the reduced pool of cyclists receiving fatal head injuries.

I for one am glad that I live in a rational nation, rather than one of the civilised ones which you mention!

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