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Comment: Re:Dear EU (Score 5, Insightful) 318 318

by tehniobium (#43131085) Attached to: No Firefox For iOS, Says Mozilla's Product Head

If the EU force Apple to have a browser ballot on iOS, I do believe Steve Jobs will be turning ever so violently in his grave :D

On a more serious note: couldn't the fact that Apple forces all apps to be purchased through their own app store just as well be seen as anti-competitive?

Comment: Re:I'm old (Score 1) 330 330

by tehniobium (#42516017) Attached to: How Old Were You When You First Got a Cell Phone?

I'm 23, some/most my friends got their phones when they where 12-ish, and as far as I could tell they mainly used them to harass/bully each other and play pranks. When I got my phone (around 14 I think) I hardly used it either, and to this date it is still more of a communication device as opposed to a social device to me.

What I am trying to say is that it hardly makes your son weird that he doesn't use his phone much, it probably mainly means that he isn't a bully himself, and if he is bullied, it's on facebook or in person.

Comment: Re:Whoops (Score 1) 600 600

by tehniobium (#42090355) Attached to: Bitcoin Mining Reward About To Halve

Two things:

Firstly, if they try to do this, the price of bitcoins will rise wildly as they do so (they cant buy them all at once, and as more bitcoins are taken out of circulation, they will presumably become more valuable). This means that everyone who has bitcoins will make money - nothing lost as far as i can tell.

Secondly, what's to prevent a second issuing - say "Bitcoin 2.0" - from occuring, and the whole thing from starting over? The technology still works, and all that would need to happen would be an announcement on the bitcoin website. I'm pretty sure the government would be concerned about this if they are going to pump a whole load of cash into buying all of them.

Comment: Is PI Normal? (Score 2, Interesting) 183 183

by tehniobium (#39442583) Attached to: Judge Rules Pi-Based Music Is Non-Copyrightable

This means that is has just become VERY important for mathematicians to figure out whether PI is normal (
(TL;DR version: a normal number is one in which every sequence of digits occurs)

You see, if every sequence occurs in PI, this actually means that no sequence is copyrightable, abolishing copyright right away :)

Comment: Re:All in One (Score 2) 59 59

by tehniobium (#38673278) Attached to: Timothy Lord Checks Out Keyboards & Tech At CES

It needs to be thinner / look more sexy. Also, those laser keyboard suck, as there is 0 tactile feedback.

I also think that some of the stuff it does is pointless, if they are really going for a mobile device (many of the ports, and maybe even the projector?, also it's too big and fat to be something you carry around), and on the other hand, some of it's features are pointless if it's NOT a mobile device (built in mouse/keyboard/touchscreen) - it does not look like a particularly handy device to hold, so the touchscreen seems like an unnecessary expense...

Comment: Re:Poisoned chalice devalues forking... (Score 1) 171 171

by tehniobium (#37454388) Attached to: Why You Shouldn't Panic About Closed Source MySQL Extensions

This sounds like a rather week strategy to me. Presumably anything they can make proprietary extensions do will have an OSS alternative before too long. That having been said, anyone who uses these proprietary extensions knows that Oracle can make them expensive if they want to - so if that really is a problem, they just wont be used.

I do however share your concern that Oracle will stop at nothing to milk some money out of MySQL - and unlike, MySQL is used everywhere by a very large amount of people. I guess pretty much the only good thing is that PostgresSQL is a solid alternative.

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