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User Journal

Journal: :pt:

Journal by tehdely
  _ _ __ | |_ _
(_) '_ \ | __(_)
  _| |_) | |_ _
(_) .__/ \__(_)
User Journal

Journal: Heh. 2

Journal by tehdely

Here is my patented spam blacklist:


Compile with gcc and:

./a.out | xargs -L 1 -I target iptables -I INPUT 0 target -j drop

Edit: Wouldn't want to piss off the BSD users, so:

./a.out | xargs -L 1 -I target ipfw add 0 deny ip from target to any

Soon you will find that any and all spam problems have permanently ceased!

Computer Science is the only discipline in which we view adding a new wing to a building as being maintenance -- Jim Horning