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Comment: Re:How is he incorrect, though? (Score 1) 314

by tehcyder (#47944979) Attached to: New Study Projects World Population of 11B by 2100
If you want to say something racist, sexist, homophobic (etc) no one's stopping you, but you can't complain when you're called racist, sexist or homophobic, and you certainly can't force people to take you seriously if that's how you present yourself.

If you genuinely believe that, say, all women are mentally deficient, and you communicate those views, most people will simpy think you're stupid. It doesn't really matter what words you use, it's the absurdity of the underlying beliefs that gets people's backs up.

Comment: Re:learning curve? (Score 1) 70

by tehcyder (#47944279) Attached to: A Beginner's Guide To Programming With Swift
I'd rather have a good car analogy.

Programming is like driving a car: some people are incapable of driving without killing bystanders or themselves, the majority can get by quite happily going shopping, and a few are F1 racing drivers.
Most programs, and especially most iPhone apps, are my mum going to Tesco's, not Lewis Hamilton pipping Nico Rosberg by two hundredths of a second in the final title-deciding race of the season.

Comment: Re:Let the hate fly! (Score 1) 141

by tehcyder (#47944121) Attached to: Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Steps Down

You lost me by not even knowing how to type 'postGres'. Let me learn you something genius Oracle boy. PostgreSQL. Some people just say 'postgres'. There is no such thing as 'postGres'.

Er, he did know how to type "postGres", as evidenced by his post which contains the word "postGres".

And if your standards are so high that you can't cope with someone typing "G" instead of "g" you must find using the internet a fucking nightmare.

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