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Comment: Re:Yeah, disappointing (Score 1) 774

Men have far bigger family problems and a huge percent of men regularly get screwed over by the legal system (just ask any divorce or family court lawyer or look at the statistics).

This serves men right for inventing the ideas that women should stay at home and not pursue a career, and that their main purpose in life is looking after children. In a more equal society, these would disappear as issues biased against men.

The irony is that it is the same men's rights activists who moan about paying child support and alimony who hate feminism and equal opportunities so much.

Comment: Re:Yeah, disappointing (Score 1) 774

Most MRAs are actually just barely concealed women-haters.

Most imbalances in family law are generally a hangover from the days of pre-feminism, e.g. the general assumption that children should always stay with the mother following a break up, since women's primary role in life is looking after children.

The anecdote about your friend just shows that the legal system in Georgia is corrupt, not that men's rights in particular are being systematically attacked.

Comment: Re:Nit picking regarding "changes". (Score 1) 774

What helps is to identify the protagonist. By the classical definition, it's the character with change.

Just for the nitpicking: it's not a "classical definition", it's a peculiar definition typical for litterature and movies in the US. Other parts of the world don't necessarily need a *change*. (Maybe that's why American have problems understanding european movies).

Americans are obsessed with the idea that anyone can change themselves into anything if they just work hard enough.

It's why in places like slashdot there is so little sympathy for poor people or minority rights groups, as it's generally assumed that they're just not trying, and so much love for billionaires, as it's generally taken that they are (a) supermen, (b) able to be emulated, and (c) worthy of emulation.

Comment: Re:Rich Family Dies, World At Peril!!! (Score 1) 179

by tehcyder (#49749719) Attached to: DNA On Pizza Crust Leads To Quadruple Murder Suspect

And every individual has the right to Freedom of NON-Association - the right to NOT live with people they don't want to

If you don't want to live near people with different coloured skin, that's up to you, just don't get all offended when people identify you as a moronic racist.

Comment: Re:We've known that mountains 'float' for a long t (Score 2) 94

I think is was discovered that mountains 'float' when they did the survey of India back in the 1700 and 1800's. The summary makes it sound like it is news. It is not. I learned about it as a geophysics undergraduate.

Astonishingly, not everyone was ever a geophysics undergraduate.

Comment: Re:Copyright and Public Places (Score 1) 375

Also any photography in public places is totally protected

A school is not a public place.

To test this, go to a random school and start taking pictures of the kids, then have fun explaining to the security guard or cop that will soon appear that you're exercising your right to take pictures of school children without their (or their parents') knowledge or permission.

Comment: Re:Force his hand..."Sue me! Sooner than later..." (Score 1) 375

whose job involves weeding out students who will be more trouble than they're worth.

Students who understand and exercise their civil rights are not "more trouble than they are worth" if the student is pursuing a career in law or journalism.

I hadn't realised that "making money illegally" was now a civil right in the US. Presumably the relevant constitutional amendment was sponsored by Uber?

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