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Comment Re:anti H1B job protectionism (Score 2) 129

Protectionism works great quite a lot of the time, it's how China manages its economy along with currency manipulation which is pretty much the same thing.

You seem to be unaware of the enormous crash coming soon to China's economy.

Also, the point about protectionism is the irony of rugged individualistic free marketeers suddenly deciding that government intervention is fine as long as it's just for their benefit.

Comment Re:pros and cons (Score 1) 466

* Porche SUV - huh? Doesn't do either job all that well.

To be fair: A SUV does only one job well, and that is aggrandizing its owner, and the Porsche SUV is perfect for the job. If it was for the smooth ride at long distances, each car can do better, for less fuel. If it was for the space and driving position, a van would could do that for less fuel, if it was for the loading and hauling capacity, a truck would do better with less maintenance required, and if it was for the offroad capabilities, each dedicated 4WD would beat it hands down.

All a SUV can is telling the world, that you don't want to drive a van or station wagon and will pay a premium not to have to.

Here in the UK, most people don't drive trucks (pickups) or vans unless it's for work (and they often only have two or three legal seats anyway). And unless they're serious off-road fans they don't want something like a Land Rover Defender 4x4. So you can see the appeal of an SUV-type vehicle if you want the road presence and height, have kids, want a luxury interior and ride but don't want to look like a builder (i.e. you're well off middle class).

Just saying.

Comment Re:The best I can come up with. (Score 1) 144

What you want to do is so basic I don't understand why there needs to be an Ask Slashdot about it.

This is true of most Ask Slashdots, except for the ones that want a solution that is (a) amazingly technologically advanced including at least three out of 3D printing, lasers, rockets, nuclear power, space travel, (b) free as in freedom and (c) free as in beer.

Comment Re:Best of luck on working while relaxing (Score 1) 144

As is, I go to the office (which is now 5 minutes away after they moved it closer to my apartment), sit there for 8 hours and then, unless there's a specific event I'm attending, I walk back home. This shit gets old after a while.

Pretty much the ultimate First World Problem, with the exception of moaning about how uncomfortable the vast piles of cash you've inherited are to sleep on.

Comment Re:There's an easy solution to this problem. (Score 1) 212

I've often wondered if the people who find every 3 minute car ride an "adventure" are trying to justify to themselves the amount of money they spend on vehicles.

I always assume that they've been brainwashed by car ads, and really do think that, instead of popping out to Walmart, they're really on the way to a futuristic nightclub with their supermodel girlfriend.

Comment Re: How about "no"? (Score 1) 712

The best way to fight stupid ideas, like Nazism and censorship laws, is to argue with them.

It's not just a case of fighting stupid ideas. Actual Nazis (or neo-Nazis) actually do things like murder immigrants by burning down their houses. No one's freedom of speech extends to encouraging or facilitating direct criminal acts.

Comment Re:How about "no"? (Score 1) 712

If I, as a US citizen, want to deny the holocaust on Facebook, FB then has two choices - Remove the offending comment entirely, or at least block it from viewers in Germany. Either of those infringe on my right to express whatever brand of bigotry I may subscribe to despite living in an entirely different country that doesn't feel the need to outlaw critical thinking. I might not get arrested for it, but I would have had my voice silenced as a result of Germany's stupidity.

You do not have a right to force facebook to broadcat your views to countries where those views are illegal.

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