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Comment Re:Math is a Chore (Score 1) 215

I remember going through school with teacher telling me to study and take notes. That's where all this started for me: I was never taught how to study or take notes. Now I'm aware of SQ3R, SQW4R, OK5R, MURDER, OARWET, PQRST, and the other dozen or so nearly-identical study systems; I also know about Cornell Notes, three-column notes, and a few specialized concept maps. I've learned about Soroban mathematics and the transition from the Soroban to Anzan--arithmetic computed in your head faster than you can punch it into a calculator. I've learned about mnemonics fundamentals (visualization, organization, association), tools (rhythm, rhyme, acrostic, mnemonic numeracy), and systems (peg, link, PAO, mind palace). I've learned a lot about maximizing human efficiency in studying and learning--minimizing the time and sheer mental effort applied.

Wow, I just scribble stuff down and hope I remember some of it.

Comment Re:Math is a Chore (Score 1) 215

To learn to read you first need to be able to recognize letters. You don't start out by reading books. To learn to write, you start out by writing letters. You don't write books. Michelangelo didn't start sculpting by creating David in the first week. You need to put in the work and stop needing to be entertained 100% of the time.

But it is exciting learning to recognise letters precisely because you know that you will be able to read books at the end of it and not have to rely on your parents/teachers reading to you.

The world is not split in a binary way between "entertainment" and "horrible boring stuff".

Comment Re: Batteries just don't store enough energy... (Score 1) 345

On the lower-end, single prop airplanes can drop below the price of a house (~110k-200k). Any middle-upper class family could probably afford one.

Anyone who can afford to buy something as expensive as a house that is not a house is not "middle-upper class" (whatever that means). They are rich.

Your argument is like saying "you can buy a Lamborghini for the price of a house, therefore anyone with a half decent job can afford a Lamborghini". No, they can't.

Comment Re: Weighed Response (Score 1) 286

There were warehouses found with thousands of chemical weapons that still had lethal potential. The anthrax bombs that were removed would be hazardous indefinitely.

If this were true, it would imply a ludicrously bad Public Relations job by the US/coalition. Why weren't pictures of these vast stockpiles of Armageddon devices published? Couldn't the military find a few friendly TV crews to video them and broadcast to an expectant public?

The truth is that Saddm Hussein didn't have anything remotely approaching the Doomsday capability suggested by Bush and Blair prior to Gulf War2.

Comment Re:Anything the US does is suspicious (Score 1) 286

In case you forgot, the nonproliferation treaty states that aside from the "nuclear weapon states" (China, France, Russia, the US and the UK), no other nation state should receive, manufacture or acquire nuclear weaponry.

Yeah, and just look at what happened to India and Pakistan when they broke that treaty and developed nuclear weapons! Oh, wait...

Comment Re:Kinda dissagree (Score 0) 239

lately it's been games cause people to be sexists

No, I think it's more that games often crudely reflect the sexism in society, that they seldom have credible female characters, and that it wouldn't hurt to have more non-misogynist games to balance things up.

But for the gamergate types, this equates to feminists calling for all shooty games to be banned.

Comment Re: Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1) 239

One could make a case for Roosh V being a misogynist (and this coming from someone who takes him at his word that the piece he wrote about legalizing rape was supposed to be satire. It's wasn't good satire, but unless there are women coming forward to accuse him of rape, I see no reason to say he's guilty of anything but exercising his right to free speech, and I'm compelled to defend especially the ugliest of free speech on principle)

The whole "right to free speech" thing is irrelevant.

People have the right to publish works glorifying child abuse, genocide or Clippy the Office Assistant, it doesn't mean that they're exempt from debate or criticism.

If you decide to exercise your freedom of speech by saying that rape should be legalised, you can expect a strong reaction, and not just from radical feminists.

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