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Palm Pre "iTunes Hack" Detailed By DVD Jon 338

Posted by timothy
from the role-playing-game dept.
CNETNate writes "As the reviews of the Palm Pre start to roll in, DVD Jon expands on previous coverage of the Pre showing up in iTunes as some sort of an iPod, by publishing the offending code Palm has used to enabled the feature. As suspected, in regular USB mode, the phone addresses itself as a standard peripheral. But in 'Media Sync' mode, it claims to be an iPod ... from a vendor known as Apple."

Comment: Re:Take that, HP! (Score 5, Informative) 93

by teh_c0unt (#28205311) Attached to: Cisco Introduces Rackmount Servers

Good luck Cisco, you're entering a cut throat market with well established hardware vendors in a global recession... You've either got a large pair of brass balls or you're just really really stupid.

is cisco not a well established hardware vendor?

What this country needs is a good five dollar plasma weapon.