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Comment: Re:Maybe We Should Thank Lars Ulrich? (Score 1) 672

by teh g00se (#27080023) Attached to: Lars Ulrich Pirates His Own Album

I'm sorry but Lars Ulrich is a musician. He isn't a lawyer, a philosopher, an intellectual or a technologist. He is not informed enough or intelligent enough to have any place in this debate.

Besides, there is no debate on MP3s anymore. We won. Amazon sells MP3s without DRM and the RIAA is loosing funding and slowly giving up the lawsuits. Game over. There are other battles fight, battles in which Lars will be even less relevant.

Whether he's informed or intelligent enough is not up to you to decide. His occupation would be incidental if it weren't for the fact that music is the very thing being discussed.

And this isn't about Lars Ulrich, though he's without a doubt the most visible proponent of that argument. Whatever you think, musicians deserve some input regarding the distribution of their work. Of course the old model is dead. Of course we won (whoever "we" are). But that doesn't give us the right to deny musicians their living either.

Also, you sound like you have a personal grudge against Metallica's drummer. Did he sleep with your girlfriend or something?

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