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Comment: Re:What "need" does this fulfill? (Score 2, Interesting) 303

by tedswiss (#20865601) Attached to: David Pogue Reviews the XO Laptop
Here, here! Jon "Maddog" Hall spoke at the Ohio Linux Fest last week on "computing off the grid." In his presentation he spoke eloquently on the multitude of good uses for the XO/OLPC program, and the caveats of thinking like a "westerner" in non-western geographies. A very interesting ~45 mins. Here's a bad quality, but understandable MP3 of his speech.

+ - A Visit from MPAA Senior VP Rich Taylor

Submitted by tedswiss
tedswiss (913333) writes "Fate has dropped a unique opportunity upon my lap: I teach at a moderately small independent school who has as one of its alums Richard Taylor. Mr. Taylor is both speaking at our start-of-year festivities and being honored with this year's "Distinguished Alum Award." Having followed and been disgusted by the MPAA's corporate practices regarding DRM and government lobbying in the past (Anyone remember DeCSS?), I would love to make his visit help to truly educate our student body, not just indoctrinate them. The school administration is sympathetic to my plight, but I want to present them with more than just my complaints. To the /. community: How would you best make use of this opportunity if you found yourself in my shoes?"

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