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Comment Re:Expect the Republicans to stop this... (Score 1) 319

Yea, I'm SURE the Republicans want to help the liberal Comcast, Disney, and TW... yea that's the ticket.

It has nothing to do with "liberal" or "conservative". It's that they're all family. They all share the last name, "Inc.".

Seriously, what idiot thinks corporations give a crap about liberal or conservative? If anyone was paying attention to the Republican debate, Donald Trump (of all people) broke it down for them. He gives money to everyone. He explained, on national TV, that he buys politicians as a matter of course. Left, right and center they take his money and are available when he needs something. And people still think I'm extreme when I say that this country is an oligarchy.

That is why I am jumping on the Bernie Sanders bandwagon. He is the only serious candidate that is avoiding big money. As a NH resident, I hope I can propel him to the top of his party ticket. My primary vote counts more than most. I just saw Bernie at a campaign speech. He is our only hope to begin breaking down the oligarchy.


Comment Re:Pay them market value (Score 1) 234

I just had my first Uber experience while visiting Baltimore. I had the benefit of using regular taxis for comparison. The convenience with up front pricing and ETA are way better than the taxis. I had a long ride in a regular taxi where we discussed Uber. Of course he made all kinds of negative comments about them. I told him, create a taxi app like Uber and the problem will be solved.

Comment WIRES (Score 1) 557

Most important thing for me is running wires for Ethernet and cable. WiFi is obviously your secondary access point, but make sure every corner of the house has a wired connection.

You should also look at running dedicated power circuits to your home theater, office, etc. Anything with a concentration of expensive electronics should have their own circuit. When I built my office, I had two separate branches - one for electronics and one for lights and light duty outlets. All my important circuits use 12ga wire with 20amp outlets. Even if I am not drawing the current to justify them, I feel they provide cleaner power.

Comment Re:Yes... but they're FRENCH. (Score 1) 169

Sorry, but it is the other way around. The French from both France and Canada have a huge disdain for all things American. The stereotypical arrogant French a-hole is unfortunately well-founded. I've encountered it all over the world, including my home state of NH where French-Canadians like to grace us with their presence by standing and the way and not talking to us.

Comment Re:Journalists being stonewalled by Apple? (Score 1) 269

Good! Let the journalists talk about other companies instead of sucking the teat of Apple. How come the Apple Watch gets so much publicity when the Samsung watch has been out for years, and Pebble Time is a resounding success on Kickstarter?

These journalists can't look past their own stupid purchasing decisions. iPhones for all the unwashed masses. News at 11.

Comment Re:They are just trolls with lots of money (Score 1) 418

I have a good anecdote for this. I recently installed a home theater with in-wall 5.1 surround sound speakers. I sat my 12 year old son down and played through some classic rock - Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, etc. At the end of the session he said, "I'm never going to listen to my ipod again."

Comment Re:cut off one head (Score 1) 251

I would agree that finding good torrents has gotten harder. I have also decided that my time is worth something. I am willing to pay a few dollars to watch a movie on amazon instant video or my cable service. While the quality isn't as good as DVD/BD it is good enough and about equal to most torrents. The thing about torrents is lack of consistency. There are also the bad rips, honeypots, etc.

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