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Comment Bad trend (Score 1) 23

Are smartphones going to become like PC's such that malware scanners will have to scan them 24/7 and make them slow to crawl and use up all the battery? Some blame this on Windows' design, but it seems the more ubiquitous an OS, the more its targeted by malware makers, often by dangling tainted carrots in front of users.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 316

Well you second link doesn't "prove" squat, and this is coming from an atheist, because as your link points out Jesus and Joseph were names as common as Jim and John are today so finding a tomb where a son named Jesus had a father named Joesph? Really proves nothing other than those names were quite common.

Comment Re:Free speech hundreds of miles out in the desert (Score 4, Interesting) 75

I think it is funny that anyone is shocked at the fact a "gathering" that involves drug use and pyrotechnics is being watched. The fact that they have never came in and raided the event shows that the FBI really is not going in for busting up free speech.

Comment Re:His first mistake was changing his lifestyle (Score 1) 728

Most of my friends have kids or grown kids. Oh and they are married as well.
I am kind of surprised that Markus is not in the same position as I am. He is 36 but he is single. I think that is a big issue. Being super rich and single could make it really difficult to find a true mate.

Comment Re:Christie is ideal (Score 1) 553

Sorry to break it to you, but "fox news" is not some magic word that dismisses all the crimes committed by the people you worship.

Hillary Clinton has violated the espionage act, and other statutes relating to securing public records. She has knowingly attempted to destroy evidence. She has lobbied for foreign interests in exchange for millions of dollars paid into her family slush fund. She may or may not do time for it, depending on whether the Obama regime thinks they can get away with ignoring it.

She is a crook, and that simple fact would remain, even if Fox News had never existed.


Comment Re:Huh (Score 1) 445

Hey I agree the A-10 can't be beat but the problem is the USAF has said its dead meat and there is really nothing you or I can do about it. Not to mention the line has been closed for years, spare parts are becoming an issue, and we didn't make nearly enough of 'em in the first place.

If it were me? I'd try to build a modern version of the Spad, maybe using one of the many trainer aircraft made worldwide, but if the choice is the AC-130 or the F-35? I'm sorry but the AC-130 wins. At least it'll get there without breaking, be ready to go when you call it, and will be able to hang around as long as you need it...can you say the same for the F-35?

Comment Re:Avoid INTERCAL (Score 1) 389

Avoid INTERCAL job postings at all costs.

So, you mean the fact that I wrote a c-intercal parser that used obscure opcodes to actually perform the interweave and or and xor isn't a good thing to put on my resume?

Also, my favorite obscure language is LIRL, and that has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH ME BEING THE AUTHOR... rather, it's an interesting concept of, "what if Perl raped LISP and LISP was forced by the republican state government to carry that baby to term?"

The answer is: implied parentheses. To be clear, the language is absolutely context sensitive...

Comment Re:Actually, the common saying... (Score 1) 311

I ended up booting into DOS directly for most of these reasons.

Oddly, I barely even use 95... went straight from 3.x to 98. Where I still booted into DOS to do my gaming.

Ah... back in the day... I had to tetris my drivers to make sure I had enough conventional and XMS memory for the game I wanted to play... BOTH WAYS!

Comment I wish they'd just fuck off with the enterprise (Score 1) 66

I would be perfectly happy if they just said "Know what? OS-X is a home user OS. We don't support the enterprise. We are going to remove support for these enterprise features with the next version. Use something else." That would be great because then I could tell all the Macheads to suck it up and use Windows or Linux.

However Apple likes to play at enterprise support, they've played at it for years. They act like they care, but as you note they half-ass it to the extreme.

Even internally. I remember not long after Apple stopped the Xserve I was talking to one of their engineers and I ask him what they were going to do. Apple had started doing the MS thing of "eating their own dogfood" and was heavily using OS-X on Xserve for their own stuff. He said "I have no idea. They didn't tell us this was coming. We'll probably start using IBM hardware again."

It drives me up the wall as we waste an inordinate amount of time dealing with Macs because people want a shiny toy and can't understand they are unsuited for enterprise use.

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