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Comment: anti-spam sites force centralization, help SIGINT (Score 2) 235

by tech-law-ny (#47685039) Attached to: Email Is Not Going Anywhere
Originally email was decentralized in a practical way. Now, unless you arrange for your outbound email to arrive from a server operated by a large email provider, your deliverability is probably low. All of the email reputation systems, blocklists, DKIM, SPF, etc. are advertised as anti-spam measures. The reality is that they force email centralization in a way that helps the monitoring of email by the major SIGINT players.

Comment: long-term storage of phone location records? (Score 1) 295

by tech-law-ny (#23312984) Attached to: Cell Phones, Missing Persons, and Privacy
The critical question is not why the cell phone records are released, but what records exist and why they exist. News reports often state that, at the very beginning of an investigation, law enforcement had information such as "the last time this person's phone pinged a tower was in Bridgehampton three days ago at noon." Wireless carriers can't predict who might be investigated, so this may imply long-term storage of every person's location. Questions include: A. Can I compel my carrier to tell me what information it currently retains about my own previous locations? B. How about other people's locations, with a civil subpoena? C. Is my carrier using my historical location data for its own internal purposes (marketing, etc.)?

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