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+ - Apple teams up with IBM for the enterprise->

Submitted by tearmeapart
tearmeapart writes: For better or worse, the "Think" and "Think Different" companies are joining together to tackle mobile enterprise issues. As Apple has traditionally been weak in the enterprise, and IBM is often the default option for enterprises. Read more at techcrunch, ycombinator, or the official press release for more information.
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Comment: The Mother of All Demos (Score 4, Interesting) 124

by tearmeapart (#44180739) Attached to: Doug Engelbart Passes Away

I believe this is something that should be mandatory for all computer engineering/science students should watch, along with getting a bit of a history lesson:

The concepts for the time, in my opinion, are mind blowing. I hope there are some people in this world who are considering some equal mind blowing ideas for these times, although I do not think they could ever get pulled together into one demo like what Doug Engelbart did.

Comment: Not again, although this may be the start of more (Score 1) 1

by tearmeapart (#43223041) Attached to: South Korea Suffers Massive Network Attack

It appears that the front ends of the bank system were attacked (as opposed to the backend servers in the data centers). The frameworks and OSs that are used by three of the top four banks in South Korea are very common, and are used world wide, but it appears that only South Korea has had issues.
The patch to cover the vulnerability and the fix looks like it will have to be manually patched on each machine due to the type of vulnerability. This really sucks, as the banks need to run around people to all of the machines.

Unfortunately, banks have bought into what people/consultants/corporations have told them were secure systems, and money has trumped security. So this is not the only vulnerability out there. This news just proves that multiple security precautions have failed, and I hope certain people get banned from working in the security industry after making all these mistakes.

+ - 700 first issues of new and classics Marvel series for free on Marvel #1 app->

Submitted by
tearmeapart writes: "From the article: "Marvel Comics unleashes Marvel #1, an offering of over 700 first issues from the length and breadth of the company’s history at no charge. This special promotion begins Sunday March 10 and runs until 11PM Eastern Time on Tuesday, March 12 as free downloads via the Marvel Comics app and Marvel Comics Digital Comics Shop."
Several of the first issues, like Captain America #1 and Hawkeye #1, are very well written and may get you hooked, or at least make you have more respect for the comic book culture."

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+ - FreeBSD 9.1 released->

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tearmeapart writes: "The teams at FreeBSD have reached another great achievement with FreeBSD 9.1, with improvements to the already fantastic zfs features, more VM improvements (helping bringing FreeBSD to the next generation of VMs), and improvements in speed to many parts of the network system.
Support FreeBSD via the FreeBSD mall or download/upgrade Freebsd from a mirror. Unforunately, the torrent server is still down due to the previous security incident."

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Comment: Old news (Score 1) 302

by tearmeapart (#40397881) Attached to: RIM Drops Playbook Price By 66%

Comment: Re:The big fix... (Score 1) 75

by tearmeapart (#39827141) Attached to: Engineers Ponder Easier Fix To Internet Problem

BGP is at a layer higher than ip, so whether you are using IPv4 or IPv6 (or any other protocol), it does not matter.

(And yes, i realize that the implementations of BGP often involve sending TCP/IP and UDP/IP packets around, but the point is that switching to IPv6 is not going to change your BGP configuration or BGP tables.)

Comment: Re:Go, Renderscript, and Android (Score 1) 316

> IANAL, but on the other hand, if no computer language or library API can enjoy copyright protection, then it appears to me that it doesn't have GPL or Creative Commons protection either (since being required to follow these licences follows from the copyright holder's discretion)...
> Be careful what you wish for google...

IANAL as well, but i believe copyright != license. A license usually involves copyright, but, by definition, the reverse is not true.

However, copyright infringement penalties often have much larger penalties than disobeying a license.
This does not really make logical sense, but as the MAFIAA prioritizes their short term greed over logic and the health of the industry (and US senators and congressmen need MAFIAA's money to get re-elected), it is how the world works.

+ - Apple approves the first legal tethering applicati->

Submitted by
tearmeapart writes: "Apple has approved the first legal tethering application for the iPhone. Interestingly, it can tether even Wifi, but it has several pitfalls as it goes through USB and requires special software on the PC or Mac. (Sorry, no Linux client.) Speed is pretty good, but the $29.95 USD price is not.
Good cache link, comments on ycombinator."

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Desktops (Apple)

+ - What's keeping you on Windows?-> 11

Submitted by
tearmeapart writes: "It may be time again for another discussion/flamewar on the reasons why a lot of us are (still) using Microsoft. The last big discussion on Slashdot was close to 10 years ago, and a lot has changed since then:
  • Windows XP and 7 have proven to be stable (and memories of Windows ME are mostly gone)
  • There are many more distributions for Linux, esepecially commercial options
  • Distributions like Ubuntu and CentOS have made GNU/Linux more friendly
  • Options for word processing, spreadsheets, etc. have grown
  • Apple and their products have changed considerably. However, their philosophy has not seemed to changed.
  • Microsoft Silverlight came and is on the way out.
  • Wine and solutions like Transgaming have matured.

However, many things have not changed, like the Microsoft FUD war, the BSDs' installation UI, and the sky is the limit for Linux (except when it comes to the year of the Linux desktop).

So... why are a lot of us still using Windows? What would it take for us to switch?"

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Comment: Wireless (Score 1) 608

by tearmeapart (#31188502) Attached to: Suggestions For a Coax-To-Ethernet Solution?

Anyone else with me that just suggests to use wireless instead?

Sure, i have gigabit and 10gb in my server room, and one gigabit wire going from the server room to where i watch 1080p movies (which i have used once for about 5 minutes), but otherwise, 802.11b/g/n works fine. If it is an issue with conflicting channels with the neighbours, you are not trying hard enough.

And for the next time you build a house: There is no standard wire that will last forever. Coax was the standard about 20 years ago (and it /really/ appeared to be that way, especially as it can handle more GB/s reliably than the cat5), and the cat5 will only last until 1gb/s (with Cat6) or 10gb/s (fibre) is the standard.
Thus, you should have wire conduits, with fibre's limited ability to turn corners in mind. Another option is to have the ability to drop wire easily from the attic between the walls all the way to the basement, and/or to have removable ceiling tiles. Be careful with insulating though, because a big whole in an outside wall can ruin your heating bill.

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