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Comment: Re:Cell phones are better in a disaster (Score 1) 582

by tcmatthews_jr (#45561003) Attached to: The Dismantling of POTS: Bold Move Or Grave Error?
This comes from experience. Cell phones are completely useless after a Hurricane. First Emergency and Government take them over for emergency communications. So that only SMS text messages work. Second the backup powers only last around 3 days. Then there are no cell signals. POTS are required by regulation to be up so AT&T brought in generators to service the lines which were sensibly below ground and not damaged.

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by tcmatthews_jr (#28645369) Attached to: Mono Outpaces Java In Linux Desktop Development

If by "VB" you mean VB.Net, I would say it's the reverse: C# is Microsoft's "bastardized version" of Java (though mostly better IMO), and VB.Net is C# with VB syntax.

Actual I think VB.Net is more of a VB, C# Frankenstein monster. Microsoft chopped up VB6 and sewed it into the C# Common run-time environment. If you knew Basic you could basically throw together some pseudo code and VB would work. No such luck with the VB.Net monster. I heard that many of the issues I had have been cleaned up, but I still wont touch it. Which is a shame because VB was good if you need a quick prototype of a windows application.

If you have to do .Net programming stick to C#.

Comment: Isaac Asimov wrote about this technology. (Score 1) 371

by tcmatthews_jr (#26931489) Attached to: Space Based Solar Power Within a Decade?

The full Idea is to place the solar collectors solar orbit then create a network of satellites to transfer power.

For permanent power geosynchronous orbit to beam down to stations on the ground. This would also allow for transmission to remote locations via portable power receivers and possible to provide power to disaster areas.

Although low intensity microwaves are suggest the more viable is high intensity electromagnetic wave lasers (I CANNOT REMEMBER THE FREQUENCY) would allow for a smaller surface foot print. The technology should viable in 10 years to the point of prof of concept but full deployment is more like 20 to 30 years away.

The amount of energy that can be collected in space and transmitted is much grater than what can be produced on the ground using solar panels.

The laser technology is also proposed for transiting from one ground location to another remote ground location.

Asimov wrote about a very similar technology in his robot series and the technology is just now getting to the point were it seems outside of the realm of Science fiction.

Comment: Get the Certs and learn many languages (Score 1) 613

by tcmatthews_jr (#25201183) Attached to: The Stigma of a Tech Support Background

Get the Certifications it shows you want to advance. Become familiar with the various Linux distributions and choose one.

Become familiar with many computer languages, but more important become familiar with there Uses. The programming paradigms and programming concepts. If you learn the basic and advance language concepts you will get the the point were you can program in any language.

This were Linux is really important. You can any computer language for free.

Learn C++ well this makes Learning C, C#, Java, easy.

But do not for get to learn scripting languages such as Perl.

And at least know some software engineering
concepts and AI concepts.

You do not need to add this to you resume but put the ones you know the best.

If you really feel that your skills are rusting get an advanced degree.

That is what got me a job. I received my CS degree in 2002 and could not even find an IT job. I went back and finished a EE degree I ended up in excellent programming position. In of all things C, C++, Perl and Lisp. Never thought I would need Lisp. But my current project is a support position in legacy code.

If you know VHDL or another HDL put it on the resume and shop it around with C++ to some of the embedded people.

Go to all open house Job searches that companies offer and talk to them. Ask for an interview and discuss what work they do. Look into the big engineering technology companies such as Jacobs Technology. Attend free conferences. And network. After all every job I have ever had has been found by accident.

A computer scientist is someone who fixes things that aren't broken.